We all want to be healthy and eat healthy food. It is useful for everyone, whether you are an office clerk or student, engineer or scientist. It’s not a secret that healthy food makes your brain work faster. Is it possible to boost your brain function even on the go? Yes, it is. On arrival, don’t look twice on every penny, but take Alamo in SJU Airport or any other city and drive your car to the nearest healthy food cafe. By the way, this is also a nice opportunity to meet the city. The food in the airport cafeterias is fast and cheap. If you don’t have such a possibility to find a healthy eatery or you just don’t want to go out to the restaurant and lose focus on your exams, try to find out something really healthy in your fridge and something more…


Are you busy with your job, study or any other activity? You can learn a long of different methods to improve your study or work process. The main steps you should always follow whenever you are:

  1. Good sleep
  2. Healthy food
  3. Much water
  4. Meditation

Close up of white frappe in a glass. Summer drink



Caffeine for Attention

You want a magic pill to boost your IQ! No need! Just take some caffeine. Of course, it cannot make you smarter, but it can help to boost your energy and concentration. You can take caffeine from coffee, dark chocolate, energy drinks, special pills. It doesn’t give you much energy for long, but boost your workability for some time. Be careful! Too much caffeine makes you nervous.

Sugar for Energy

You need sugar for energy. Actually, you need glucose that your organism takes from sugar and carbs. That’s why you can drink a glass of fresh juice to boost your memory and brain activities for some time. Be careful with sugar. Too much sugar regularly is not healthy and bad for your heart.

Breakfast to Feed Your Brain

If you don’t have a habit to eat breakfast every morning, you should take it. Eating breakfast helps you to boost your memory at least for the half of the day. What do you usually eat for breakfast? It is important to make your meal healthy and full of special brain-boosting ingredients. What are they? It must be milk products, fruits, wholegrain food. No overeating! No sweets and donuts!



Fish for Proteins

You cannot find a better source of proteins than fish. They are the best brain stimulants ever. Fish is rich in proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are healthy. They give enormous power to your brain. Also, it helps to prevent brain disorders and blood stroke.



Nuts and Chocolate for Stimulation

Nuts and seeds are the source of antioxidants and E vitamin. You need it to boost your cognitive functions. What about chocolate? Dark chocolate is also useful ingredient as it contains caffeine and glucose. Don’t overeat! It is enough to have an ounce of nuts and bit of chocolate daily to take all necessary calories, fats, and sugar.

Peanuts, hazelnuts and filbert in milk chocolate


Avocado and Wholegrains for Cardiac Work

Your organs’ function depends on blood circulation. Brain and heart are especially damaged Wholegrain&avocado diet reduces the risk of heart diseases. This is the fastest and simplest way to feed up your brain and make it work. Wholegrain products, such as popcorn and others, are rich in E vitamin and food fibres. Of course, avocado is rich is fats. It is especially useful for your blood circulation.

Blueberry for Protection

Blueberry protects your brain from damages, such as Alzheimer disease and others. If you are on blueberry diet, you can study and work easily. It causes really positive influence on your brain functions.

Yogurt Parfait with Blueberries


Broccoli for Brain Cells

Broccoli is full of antioxidants. Also, it is full of K vitamins. Why do we need it? This unique vitamin is necessary for brain cells.It can boost your memory a lot. Also, broccoli is rich in reagents that cause antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, protecting your brain from damages.



Vitamins, Minerals

Today you don’t have such a problem to buy vitamins in the pharmacy. Just pick a needed bottle and enjoy it. One bottle contains a set of B, C, E vitamins, minerals. Definitely, it can boost your brain if you take vitamins regularly. One way or another, it is recommended to consult your doctor first to define what kind of vitamin complexes you really need.

It is not a secret but you can eat right food to boost your brain naturally with no harmful medications. Just watch what you eat every day and follow right eating habits. Too much food is not useful as just as a starvation diet. So, if you are a busy student or workaholic, you need to eat right boosting food to prevent anxiety, heart diseases, brain dysfunction. BALANCE is what you need to get more energy from food.

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