It a hot time for your business! Your partners are coming and you have to be well prepared to meet them in the best way on your territory. You have much to think about. But the first thing that your partners meet is your car. You can easily visit a website and rent a good car of a business class to impress your colleagues. There are many cars of different brands and colors. Nevertheless, what if you want to buy a car for your business? Are you ready for that? So, you should think of a car brand, size, productivity and…color. Yeah, the color means much! That must be your image car and a face of your company.

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What is the best color for a small car? If your car is white, it makes it look like a big iron or microwave. Business people don’t pick white for a small car. What about black? Black color is the best to add more power and attract people’s attention to your small car. It must be perfect! If you want to paint your car bright, it must be the best variant. Just pick your corporate color and paint your Toyota Aygo orange. Look! Your new shiny Renault Zoe looks bigger in purple.


You can hardly find the answer this question. Nevertheless, there is much to think about. Big cars are good at every color. Think big! Try to pick the color that is easy to clean so that it doesn’t take much time to clean the car. How about white and silver? On the other hand, business people don’t like white cars. Thus, white Range Rover is the last year fashion. You should try dark-blue!

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This must be the first and the most popular color people used to pick for their vehicles. Black business cars are popular. Also, it is easy to clean. Black color is full of power, elegance, style. If you drive a black car, you are serious person and people take you seriously. This color protects you and makes feel safe and sure.


There was time when people didn’t like white color as they thought it looked tasteless. What about modern society? People like driving white cars but they are not good for people who don’t like pay for car washing often. So, what the car color says of its owner? If you drive a white car, you send a message: Don’t come closer. I don’t want you learn my personality.


This interesting color creates modern and futuristic atmosphere around you. That means silver-grey car is a perfect addition for your small business. Silver cars are picked by careful people, who don’t want to prove anything. They already know that they are good in business. People always go to silver when they have hard times.

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Red color is full of passion and dynamics. Red business cars make you stand out from the crowd. You feel like you are self-confident and risky. You are interested in what you do. People think of a red car owner as communicative, strong, and bossy person.




Blues are very helpful. People often associate blues color with trust, wisdom. It must be a perfect color for your business car if you want to communicate with your clients personally. They can trust you. What can you say of the blue car owners? There people are reliable. Blue color makes you think of a blue sky, sea waves, and people like it the most. But honestly, blue car is not much emotional. This is a color of peace that must be good for intellectual, smart and thinking personalities.

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Business car painted in greens makes people think as if your company really cares of nature and environment. Besides, people think of green color as organic, fresh. Green color is a color of nature, hope, balance. Driving a green car you leave in peace with nature and your partners.



Yellow Orange

Yellows are the most popular color for business. Why? If you have a unique business that differs from others and stands you out of the variety of competitors, pick yellow. Your orange yellow car characterizes you as a funny and easygoing person. This is a color of active people who don’t care on the opinion of others.


Bronze color is close to beige, brown. The owners of these cars are smart. They spend their money wisely. They prefer old reliable cars to all modern news. Of course, some people think it’s rather dull and boring. But other people think of your car as shiny and interesting.

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Choosing a car for your company, consider its color. Of course, it doesn’t mean much for you as a car owner. But it means much for your partners, employees, colleagues. Meeting your partners, you can take them to the best restaurant, invite to the theater to make them think good of your company service. But what if you don’t have time for attractions? Your car will tell about your company better than thousands of words.

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