If you have a semi-truck or service vehicle, you may have noticed that there aren’t a lot of places you can go to buy accessories and parts for them. A lot of people have to shop for their parts online or go through the company they are using the truck for in order to get replacement parts or upgrades. Virgofleet Nationwide is one supplier of truck parts, and from their website, www.virgofleet.com, you can see what they offer, who their clients are and even get contact information to ask questions. Here are some accessories you may want to make sure you have.

Air Breathers

Air breathers are an important part of your truck because the filter the air that comes into the engine of your truck. This ensures that your truck will run cleaner for a longer period of time, allowing less maintenance needed on your truck. Engine repairs and replacement can be very costly, so getting your engine to last a little longer by making it run clean air is a huge step toward saving money. This makes an air breather a valuable investment.

Bug Shields

Bug shields and window deflectors are also important accessories to have on your truck because they reduce the likelihood of your windshield and hood getting dirty or damaged. They sit at the front of your hood to deflect bugs as well as debris away from the hood and windshield. Large amounts of debris can be dangerous as they can obstruct your view if they get stuck on your windshield, and rocks that get kicked up into your windshield can do large amounts of damage to the glass, even completely shattering it so that it needs replacing. This is also dangerous for you, because the glass could hit you in the face or eyes.

Cleaning Supplies

For those moments when the bug deflector doesn’t keep bugs off your window, or you go through rainy and muddy conditions, Virgofleet Nationwide also provides cleaning aids such as brushes, cleaners and waxes. A large truck needs a variety of different cleaners and tools to get every part of the truck looking like new. This is importance not only for aesthetical purposes, but also in some ways for functional purposes. Too much dirt or salt can ruin the undercarriage of your truck, and you don’t want to risk rust or other problems from not keeping your truck properly cleaned.


Virgofleet even has products to help customize and decorate your truck. This includes logo trims in a variety of different shapes, the ability to get a custom logo, hood ornaments, license plate frames and more. This can bring some variety to your truck and make it seem more like your own. You spend enough time in it that you should at least enjoy the decoration.

If you are looking for a new vendor for your semi-truck or service vehicle, it is important to find a place with a large variety, low prices and helpful staff. This is true especially if you have any questions about certain accessories and what they do for the truck. Try looking into Virgofleet Nationwide for your semi-truck tool boxes and other accessories.

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