The 2018 Ford Focus Electric could offer quite a lot under the price tag it is listed in. With a humble look, the hatchback really doesn’t look like an ‘electric vehicle’, and the same trend continues when you board it and enjoy a host of latest features inside.

As any other Electric vehicle, the 2018 Ford Focus Electric stands attuned in its class with no such striking difference or as a stand-alone model. But it is definitely a model that doesn’t give you a chance to lodge a complaint against, but rather makes you smile once in a while with the comfort of saving on fuel and the environment while reaching your destinations within time and with ample scope for entertainment.

As described by the Carlsbad Ford, the 2018 Ford Focus Electric Base Hatchback have the following features:

The Exterior

The external look of the 2018 Ford Focus Electric doesn’t show itself as an EV on its appearance which is something that makes a positive note for many EV buyers. If you know the gas-powered Focus, you find this EV model almost identical in its exterior get-up only with an electric charging port that hides behind the regular fuel door.

The Interior

The Focus Electric has combined a SmartGauge with a cluster of instruments named as EcoGuide. It visually displays how to achieve a better efficiency and range of mileage from the vehicle. They offer an optional package with which you can add up a rear armrest that has a storage space and a leather-trimmed seats along with an 8-way power seat for the driver.

Technology Features

With a standard row of technological equipment, the 2018 Ford Focus is flooded with ambient lighting, a remote start system, an Intelligent Access with a Push Button Start, and an eco-conscious cloth upholstery for the interiors. Passengers are comforted with heated front seats. The infotainment system in this model includes a SYNC 3 system with an enhanced voice recognition, a Sony-powered 9-speaker system, an 8-inch touchscreen and a voice-activated navigation system. Other feature includes Reverse Sensing and Tire Pressure Monitoring System as standard.


As informed by the Carlsbad Ford dealer, powered by a 143-hp electric motor with a low-end EV torque the 2018 Ford Focus is able to provide an 84-mph in topmost speed. You can achieve an interstate travel with it as the strut front suspension and its electric power-assisted steering makes you feel just like any normal Focus rolling on the road but bereft of the noise of the engine.

Required Frequency of Recharge

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric has enabled a regenerative braking system performs almost like a single-pedal vehicle. One can set it to a level that is comfortable and can still avail the best efficient performance, contributing directly to the Focus EV’s range. After crossing around 115 miles, you need to recharge it.

Final Thoughts

Those who are looking for high-performance engraved within an eco-friendly mode, this EV model is definitely a good catch.


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