In today’s business climate, it is crucial that every medical or dental have an online presence and that they are able to leverage that presence to garner more exposure which will result in more business. Unfortunately, not everybody is internet marketing savvy so the clinic owner will often use sub par marketing techniques. Marketing professionals have many suggestions for easy ways to increase your clinic’s exposure. Here are a few:

1- Make Google Your Friend: Google has many services that can help your business grow. Chief among them is Google Local. This product uses mobile optimization to let potential customers find you on their smart phone or mobile device. The results are displayed above any internet search engine results so a well-written description can catch a browser’s eye and lead them right to your business. Google Local is combined with customer reviews and Google Pluses to give people a fantastic idea of what real customers are saying about your business.

2. Guest posting & Google Authorship are two other ways to maximize SEO results that can aid in business growth. Guest posting is allowing your written content to be displayed on someone else’s blog. This is a great idea because many blogs already have a built-in and loyal following so you get free exposure to a crowd that may not have been aware of your services. Google Authorship is the process of claiming the written content on other sites as your own and then linking it to your Google+ profile. This has been proven to increase traffic by well over 100%. It also displays the profile photo you have uploaded to your Google+ account which results in a branding effect.

3. Infographics are a great and visually stimulating way of providing information. They are essentially internet versions of the charts in the clinic office. The more interesting facts and pictures the infographics contain, they more people will be likely to click on them and share them with other. If they go viral, this is free advertising as the graphics will always link back to your business.

4. YouTube videos are a very popular way of exposing your clinic. They are not that difficult to make, though they do require a time commitment. Videos can pique the potential customer’s curiosity if they want to see what a particular procedure looks like or entails. You can also show them what the office looks like, what equipment is used, etc. The best thing about using videos is that they are ranked very high in search engine results and are quite useful for SEO purposes. Much like the infographics previously discussed, if the videos go viral, this is more free advertising for your clinic as your web address can be prominently displayed on the video itself.

5. Social media is a behemoth when it comes to internet marketing and chances are that you already have one or several accounts set up for your clinic. You can create coupons or savings events where the customer can save money on a particular visit or for a particular procedure if they mention that they “liked” you on Facebook, for example. Groupon is another great site to get people to come in and check out your services by using a mass coupon platform wherein they buy a discounted package in advance and are able to redeem within a specified time period.

6. Last but probably most important is a beautifully designed, high-functioning, and content-rich website. There are companies like Solution21 that specialize in creating sites exclusively for medical and dental clinics. You will want to ensure that your website has Hippa-compliant security of all medical records and patients information. This will bring peace of mind not only to your clients but to you as well. The ability to make appointments online has also been highly rated by clients when they are given this ability due to the convenience factor.

As you can see, all of these options are easy to implement and maintain. They are proven methods to help you grow and develop your medical or dental clinic. Staying at the forefront of the modern world can help you not only maintain the relationship you have with your current patients but aid you in cultivating new ones. These services can also help you to maintain and regulate your online reputation which is a crucial component in today’s business market. The more your customers are able to know about you, the more you are able to know about your customers.

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