Buy medicines online easily to address common health issues that may be troubling you, such as common colds, abdominal pain, indigestion etc, but if these issues are persistent and are becoming a regular problem, make sure you see a doctor instead of self-medicating. Here are a few symptoms you must not ignore, though they may seem common enough!

3 Symptoms That You Shouldnot Ignore

  • Chest Shoulder Arm or Jaw pain: If you are feeling a tightness, pain or squeezing in your chest, these may be signs of a heart attack. When pain spreads to your neck, jaw, back, arms, or shoulders, it is advisable to see a doctoras these may be preliminary signs of a heart attack.
  • A persistent fever: A fever is a sign that your body is fighting off an infection, and a mild fever, or a fever which subsides on taking medication is not cause for worry. However, if you have a fever of 103 or higher, or fever which lasts for more than three days, do consult a doctor to rule out any serious problem. Fever accompanied by skin rash, stiff neck, dehydration, listlessness or irritability needs immediate attention.
  • Persistent headache: If you have a headache which occurs over three times a week, and is not eased by over the counter medicine you buy from you online medical store, you should speak to your doctor about it. When accompanied by nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, fever of skin rash, a headache may be symptomatic of a serious health issue.
  • Constant Fatigue: A feeling of tiredness which persists throughout the day in spite of adequate sleep may be symptomatic of Anaemia which in turn can lead to many other health concerns. Meet a doctor to get to the root of the problem instead of blaming it on a busy routine.

The App Solution:

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