Shopping is often considered as a kind of work-related activity. In the old times, people go to market to procure goods and meet needs. Modern shopping is actually a form of entertainment, because shopping malls can be an exciting place. As incomes grow, we will have plenty of access and free time. We should have plenty of memorable experience and plenty of choices while in the shopping mall. Even in the unstable economy, the decision of buying stuff can be quite overwhelming. Many items and entertainment solutions in shopping malls often equate with enjoyment. Modern shopping has been turned from a form of labor to entertainment that people love to do.

Shopping is actually become a part of modern entertainment. It is something that we shouldn’t overlook. However, for shopping to become entertainment, there are different forms of desire, need and functions that we need to consider. People may go to a clothing store and the act of choosing clothes in a comfortable surrounding can be seen as a great diversion for many people. However, if the act of shopping is based on more utilitarian purposes, such as buying food while we bring a limited amount of money, shopping ceases to become an entertaining activity. It will be categorized as an errand.

Shopping in large malls with plenty of options available is usually seen as the best retail experiences. People will come over and over again, although they don’t really plan to purchase anything. It is a highly demanding and competitive landscape for sellers, but very entertaining for consumers. For sellers, stores should be indicative of an entertainment theatre. There should be a direct association between shopping experience with an entertaining activity.

This could be considered as a form of escape and fantasy for people. There are also different psychological and cultural triggers related to this activity. People may also need to create proper memories about specific places. With stronger connection, it should be able for consumers to try repeating the experience again. A good retail space should create a shared identity with many consumers. In this case, people we will be able to frequent the store again and repeat the offered entertainment values.

When going to shopping malls with friends and families, people are able to establish social bonds. Modern shopping malls have replaced places like lake and park as areas where families gather. Constructed areas have replaced natural spaces. Retail spaces should encourage people to properly interact with one another.

In this case, people will have a bigger sense of calm when they are going to shopping malls. It means that retail shopping has become something that’s more complex. As an example, people often use online shopping to replace their utilitarian shopping activities. This has increased the major proportion of people who visit shopping malls, as a way to directly entertain themselves. As a result, many shopping malls managements have offered open stages and other entertainment facilities to keep people entertained while they are visiting these malls.

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