Destination weddings have become quite popular in the present scenario, and Jaipur truly stands as one of the choices for the same. With grand forts and splendour architecture, the opulence sets the ambience for a perfect destination wedding theme. Perhaps this is the very reason that many select Jaipur as their choice for marriage ceremony. The grandeur exemplifies its beauty with blossoms and décor that vouches for nothing less than a magma opus’s feel.

5 Beautiful Blossoms Ideal For Destination Weddings

One of the vital components of a wedding is the flower. A fresh blossom can bring an instant vibe to the entire set up adding a dash of freshness. All the more, flowers are what make the decoration and hence careful attention must be paid while selecting them. One can either look for offline shops to get them or select stores that offer flower delivery in Jaipur for an easy logistics. In either case, one needs to have knowledge of the flowers to be picked to ensure that a surreal experience is invoked.

Here is a list of some of the flowers that can truly add to the ambience:

  • Traditional RosesRoses have inevitable stood as the popular favourite since ages and hence is considered as the traditional flower which can be mapped with wedding. Vouching for love and romance, roses seems to be a quintessential element for a ceremony. In addition to the traditional garden rose, other varieties such as hybrid tea roses or spray roses can be selected for a unique feel
  • Enchanting Orchids What gives a wow factor to the enchanting orchids, is the make and structure of this bloom. The colours and texture of orchids gives it an appealing look that makes it desirous. The purple hued orchid is quite popular; however, other colours too are equally charming and can be selected as per choice.
  • Vivacious LiliesFreshness is instantly oozed from lilies whose petals bloom in the most amazing manner. Available in subtle as well as bright colours, lilies are the ideal match for wedding occasion. It can be complimented with dresses to create a magical feel. One variety which in particular is awe striking is the callay lily which is known for its bell shaped petals that perfectly resting on the long stems.
  • Subtle Hydrangeaswhen looking for a show stopper which is fresh with bloom, hydrangeas is the ideal choice. It comes in array of colours which can be mixed and matched as desired. All the more it is very pocket friendly.
  • Attractive TulipsWhen looking for a unique as well as exotic flower for your wedding, tulips are the best. The bloom of the tulip is what gives it its attractive look. Available in reds, yellow, white and other hues, tulips gel in well with the rustic as well as the modern marriage stage. In fact, it is the ideal contemporary flower that one can never go wrong with.

All these flowers are amazing and can instantly bring a smile on the face of anyone attending the wedding ceremonies. They certainly can add an oomph factor, glamorizing the destination wedding and exemplifying its decoration. So plan your wedding with these beautiful blossoms.