It is said that the only thing faster than the spread of a forest fire is news on the Internet. And the rate at which content spreads on the Internet is indeed, uncanny. The world of online marketing has unimaginable potential that has been realized by most industries over the world and has been tapped into. Marketing in the form of active product blogs or ads placed across websites, the reach is definitely there if the product is placed at the right place at the right time. Trends for online marketing have evolved over the ages with the advent of smartphones and mobile advertising. A summary of what 2015 holds for the online marketing industry is provided in the text below.

Engagement and Diversity will be needed in Social Media Marketing

Owing to the fact that several brands would purchase ‘likes’, ‘subscriptions’ and similar social media elements, search indexing on such websites have begun zeroing on companies that push a decent amount of user engagement along with their product. The number of social media networks has also increased phenomenally, each comprising of their own USPs. A diverse approach is thus required by brands to truly reach out and cater to the plethora of users available for them to target their product at.

Mobile Optimized Content Will Become a Norm

Smartphone sales have already surpassed the sales of feature phones and the trend shows no signs of decaying anytime soon. Infact, reports claim that close to 90% of sales concerned with connected devices will be that of smartphones and tablets.With such statistics, it is more than ideal to have appropriate mobile content in place to cater to a universal audience. Cross-platform web design too is the need of the hour as is seen in the work of ecommerce web design Sydney company:

SEO and Social Networks will have a Strengthened Symbiotic Relation

It is undeniable that true marketing involves in treating social networks and SEO as mutually exclusive entities. However, the fact remains that social networks do indeed form a substantial source of organic online traffic that is essential to better search engine visibility and user engagement. With the increasing number of buttons that enable users to vote upon a particular piece of content, the chances of something going viral over social networks has never been more opportune.

Ad Retargeting Will Attain the Status of Becoming Mainstream

The consumer has never had better options when it came to purchasing products from e commerce web sites, simply owing to the sheer number of them cropping up every passing year. Ad retargeting is essentially a practice wherein advertisements are created using the browsing history and cookies of the user, which are later visible to him or her over various ad spaces across the Internet. The fact that these ads can display the same product for different websites is an incredible boost to the long term outreach of the shopping website.

Expansion of Content Marketing Will Constantly be on the Rise

The content marketing industry has never seen a declining graph and probably never will. The creation of product/company specific blogs and websites remain the most authentic source of product information for users. It is also what helps companies to reach out to users via tools such as SEO and Social Media Marketing. Content today has various mediums to channelize through and reach the intended audience: blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, social media post and a lot more. There never appears to be time where content isn’t required, and the condition is likely to remain the same for the upcoming year.

All of these online marketing strategies and are followed by online marketing services Sydney companies dedicated to the cause, such as Think Big Online.