Desserts are like icing on a cake, or like an unexpected climax of a movie. There’s no contradiction to the saying that sweets give an appropriate ending to any meal. Desserts are not just the part of our staple fare but are also offered at worship places.

Like boondiladoos at various Temples and khada Prasad at Gurudwaras. Kheer Puri recipe here needs a special mention because in all holy places this is one item, which is sure to make its way in the menu.

Some of the best traditional desserts are mentioned below:

  1.    GajarKaHalwa: One of the reasons why people in India wait for winters is that they can have enough of GajarKaHalwa. This is a traditional Indian dessert that is made of carrots, and a lot of dry fruits are added to it to make it a richly flavoured dish.
  2.    Jalebi: Sticky, crunchy, sweet and deep fried Jalebi’s that are soaked in sugar syrup is an all-time favorite Indian dessert. Though it is mostly consumed in Northern and western states, still stands tall as a dessert for all occasions. Jalebi can also be paired with rabri to enhance the taste.
  3.     Kheer: Indian version of rice pudding, which is laced with cardamom and mixed with dry fruits, is sure to sweeten your taste buds. KeerPuri is a traditional Indian dessert, which is made at home on almost all special occasions. If you want to know how to make kheer and puri, then you can visit relevant websites. It can be a treat dish to serve on special occasions and even festivals like Diwali.   
  4.    Barfi: Mostly cut into square or diamond shape, barfi is an Indian version of milk fudge. There are endless variants of barfi such as almond, coconut, mango, pistachios and various others. It is covered with an edible silver leaf on the top to give it a royal look. It is easily available in all sweet shops across the country.
  5.    Kulfi:Kulfi for Indians is like what gelato means for Italians. The Indian version of ice-cream, which can be served as a must-have dessert during the summers is available in numerous varieties like Kesarkulfi, badamkulfi, and malaikulfi.
  6.    Malpua Recipe: This is a traditional north Indian dessert, which is similar to English pan cakes. These are served with thickened milk (rabri). Malpaua is coated with sugar syrup. This is a dessert, which is consumed mostly as the main course.
  7.    KajuKatli: This is arguably one of the most popular Indian sweet. Smooth, thin, filed with the goodness of cashew nuts melt immediately into the mouth. This is one traditional Indian dessert without which a marriage food menu in North India looks incomplete.
  8.    GulabJamun: Last but not the least this is one Indian dessert, which is consumed in almost all corners of India. The best part about them is that one can have them hot, cold or at a room temperature depending upon the weather or mood of the people.

These are just some of the traditional Indian desserts. Indian desserts range from Gulab Jamuns to Phirnis, modern avatars to nostalgic favourites. Indians certainly have a penchant for sweets.

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