Layers- be it for a short or a medium or even for a long hair is always a classic. But for those who like their hair short and cute, adding a bit of feathery layers to it will definitely make you popular. Layered short haircuts suits anyone at any age- you just have to figure out which will suit you the best. With the help of a hairdresser, you can try out various hairstyles for a short hair. There are infinite possibilities with which you can style you short hair- be it for a punk look, a class look, or even if you want to look elegant.

  1. Pink-touch hair style

Stylist Hairdos For Short Layers

This look can bring out the charming and tender side of you. Short hair cuts are in fashion in this modern era. With the addition of a nose ring, this hair style will look fabulous on you. The trimmed hair on both sides and a messy layer on top bring out the perfection for this look. Pink is a color that adds a feminine touch it it. Show that you are a woman who is independent and strong.

  1. Brown streaks

Stylist Hairdos For Short Layers

This look is suitable for women who have thick short hair. If you prefer to have a similar kind of a look as shown in the picture, as your hairdressers to do the exact same thing, which is, a puffy edge on the back showing off your neck and ears and a side part in the front covering one of your eyes. Adding brown streaks here and there might look fantastic.

  1. A touch of elegance

Stylist Hairdos For Short Layers

If you want a professional appearance that showcases your power, energy and enthusiasm, get this look. Bring out the mature women you are and show it to the world. This is a confident look for working women.

  1. Punk rock cut

Stylist Hairdos For Short Layers

If you are in a band or wish to be in a band or even fantasize about being in a bad- check this out! This hairstyle is incorporates a rebel and a rock star look. A blend of pink and blue shade as shown in the picture is the perfect combination that is in style right now. Get this look and you will never regret it.

  1. A surreal look

Stylist Hairdos For Short Layers

A surreal look for a surreal personality goes a long way in showcasing your attitude. A nose ring, a tattoo on your neck and matching earrings can help you show who you are and what you are. Get this look if you want to look stern and bold.

Get that hairstyle that you always wished you had. You might have been admiring famous artists and their haircuts; it’s your time now to shine. Walk around with pride and confidence. Make the best of what you have. Give your opinion the first priority instead of being a push over or listening to others opinion on what’s best for you. Get that haircut you always wanted that showcases your inner self, because it important to be yourself.

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