The bad stuff always happens seems to happen exactly when you don’t have time for it. Someone rear-ends you on a day when you’re already running late for work. Your washing machine goes out right before a big-time job interview. Your oven refuses to turn on three days before you’re hosting a birthday party for your best friend.

It’s true that there’s no ideal time for any of those things to happen. No one has ever said, “Well, my refrigerator has gone on the fritz, but it’s OK. I’ve been trying to eat less perishable food anyway.” Even so, some times are just plain more inconvenient than others. Whenever something goes wrong with your car or an appliance, you want to make sure you can get it repaired as quickly as possible. To do that, you need to find some good repair services in your town.

When Car Trouble (Literally) Strikes

There’s dread, and then there’s the feeling of dread that rises in your stomach the moment you realize another car is on a collision course with your car, and there’s literally nothing you can do except brace for impact. Your life might flash before your eyes, or maybe you’ll just be in a state of disbelief right up until the moment of impact. Either way, it’s an incredibly stressful experience. You need your car. It’s how you get to work. It’s how you get basically everywhere you need to go. Best case scenario is that you’re lucky enough to live in a town with robust public transportation that you can rely on for a few days or weeks. The worst case scenario is that you live in a small town and drive 45 minutes one way to work Monday through Friday.

In times like these, you need answers, not evasion tactics from shady body shops. You need full-service collision repair that you can trust. You need a place that can handle anything from front-end alignments to serious bodywork. And oh yeah, you need a business that will loan you a car if your auto insurance won’t cover a rental.

There are plenty of fly-by-night operations that will be all too happy to charge you a lot of money for very little in the way of results. Ask friends and co-workers where they take their cars after an accident. Don’t let anyone pressure you into getting work done without a good explanation of why it’s needed. Some things about car repair are more obvious than others; a good repair service won’t make you feel silly for asking a lot of questions.

Appliances Gone Bad

Many of the same principles hold true when you’re looking for quick, affordable appliance repair service. If you call a repair service that says they can get out a guy out there in a few weeks, hang up the phone and call somewhere else. You should be able to find help in a matter of days, if not the same day. The service you pick should have a good inventory of parts readily available, and if a part isn’t available, they should be able to order it as quickly as possible. The company you choose should be able to work on appliances made by a wide variety of manufacturers, from Bosch to Kitchen Aid to Whirlpool.

In conclusion, a good repair service will be able to tell you the truth, even when it isn’t pleasant. If you need a whole new fridge, they’ll tell you that rather than offer you false hope that your old one can be preserved. They’ll know that having something break or malfunction is stressful enough, and so they’ll do everything they can to make your life easier instead of harder.

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