Bodybuilders need to continuously perform physical activities and weightlifting is often considered as a perfect routine for them. Such an activity will encourage muscle growth or hypertrophy. High intensity and strenuous activities may promote strengthened muscles. In this case, bodybuilders need to undergo intensive physical exercises, which require high amounts of protein. Rest is also essential after bodybuilding sessions, especially because they need to perform repeated activities. To fully optimize bodybuilding workouts, bodybuilders need to meet specific nutritional requirements.

During training sessions, bodybuilders actually destroy their old muscles cells and create new ones during rests. Depending on their physical activities, body builders may require 1000 calories more than normal recommended daily amounts. They should be able to achieve this by taking 5 small meals each day at 3 hours intervals. This will also allow for balanced nutrition absorption by our body. When gaining muscles, taking supplements could actually hasten muscle developments. Some bodybuilders actually combine different supplements to achieve faster results. Unfortunately, some products can be quite harmful when combined or stacked.

Glutamine is an essential amino acid that’s commonly found in muscles. It should help us to improve muscles faster and inhibits muscle wasting. Creatine is also an essential substance for muscle development. It increases the level of ATP in our body, which the primary source of energy for muscle. The increased energy level will allow bodybuilders to endure more strenuous workouts and perform longer. Multivitamins are also essential and deficiencies could hamper gains. Adequate intake of multivitamins should help us gain muscle mass. HMB is essentially the metabolite of leucine and it has direct effect in achieving muscle gains.

ZMA or zinc and magnesium aspartate is a combination of mineral that could improve recovery period and increase testosterone level. Prohormones actually work like anabolic steroids and they can do this with limited side effects. Other than consuming protein-rich meals, bodybuilders could also choose supplements like protein shakes and protein bars. Both can be used a replacement for a whole meal, because they are packed with quality protein, have moderate amounts of carbohydrates, rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in fat. Protein is essentially consisted of a group of amino acids and can be considered as the basics elements of muscles. Soy, casein, albumin, egg and whey are other kinds of protein.

There’s a higher demand for supplements in the bodybuilding industry and more types are being developed. Unfortunately, there are some producers who make false claims about the effectiveness and safety of their products. In this case, they should take precautions when selecting a supplement. It should be noted that food and drugs agencies don’t always provide oversight for supplements. It means that we can’t guarantee the safety or effectiveness of these products, due to lack of monitoring and control. However, no supplement can replace proper diet and strict workout regimen. The natural way is still the most effective and perfect way.

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