Family is a highly dynamic structure with a lot interaction with one another. There are sociological and anthropological factors related to family interactions. The basic interaction between family members hasn’t been evolved too much and the core concepts remain the same for milennia. When people still lived in thick forest and caves, they already form small groups that grow into a tribe, so they can protect themselves against wild animals and gather food more efficiently. A family is also a small group of people that are able to ensure high degree of safety for each member, both in ancient and modern times. Families are able to protect one another against risks of modern, urban lives; such as poverty, lack of education and lack of medical coverage. Families seek to fend for themselves in any situation. Modern families are often smaller than ancient families; because the advantage in number is no longer significant in the modern setting. Modern human civilization is still based on families and they are often smaller, in some cases with only one child. There’s no more tribe and it’s replaced with neighborhood, towns, cities and the whole nation. Although crime is still exist in modern society, physical aggression is less of an issue. Instead, parents tend to encourage positive emotions among their children. Careless behaviors and any attempt to break the rule is seen as degrading in the modern society. It means that parents should make sure that everyone in the family is following the local and national rules properly.

Families often start with affection and a feeling of attachment between two individuals. These positive emotions should be passed down to the children and reinforced over time. Affection is more than just a sugar coating, it is an emotion that binds all family members. Love is often rewarded by others and the direct relationship will continue to develop. A successful family structure should be based on trust, attachment, loyalty and love. In modern era, family is still based on the need to provide security and safety for all members. However, this often expands significantly. There are often social status that need to be achieved and to do beyond the current situation. Modern lives have created new needs and requirements that are not related to basic human needs. This could cause tensions and additional problems that ancient families don’t face. Families should also be able to relate themselves to the external world. Safety and security often require good relationship with the outer community. It is important that families maintain proper connection to ensure their security and safety. For many people, families are not only a strong foundation, but also the first stepping stone for gaining life goals. For children, families are the place to begin learning about the world and parents are essential to ensure the development of their children. However, cultural factors could determine how each family behaves and it is important for families to be able to adapt and change with the society.

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