Planning a trip to Barbados this year and want to know the best places to experience the island’s natural beauty? You’ve come to the right place. Away from the resorts and luxurious barbados rental homes sits some of the best landscapes, views and botanical gardens in all the Caribbean. Drag yourself away from the sunbed for an afternoon and get out to explore some of the island’s hidden gems. Here are the very best places to experience the wonders of Barbados’s natural beauty.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Andromeda Botanic Gardens is famous for its collection of tropical plants as well as having incredible views along the hillside. You can find rare species of palms and succulents inside the Botanical Gardens too. This is an ideal place for bird watching attracting twitter enthusiasts.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach on the eastern part of Barbados is famous for its pink coral sand. Formerly a harbour and one of the island’s best beaches, this rates among the most scenic attractions in Barbados. Whether you want to come to enjoy relaxing on the beach to snorkelling in the clear or just to make the most of a stroll on your very own stretch of paradise, Crane Beach is for you. Just be aware that this beach is quite popular with cruises and there’s always the tendency for it be crowded.

Harrison’s Cave Tour

If you want to have a different experience in Barbados, head to Harrison’s Cave. Located in the central part of the island, Harrisons formed from crystallised limestone. A tour takes tourists through a long route past a number of subterranean waterfalls, cascades, streams and deep pools. The stalactites and stalagmites light up giving a somewhat magical experience. Before the tour begins, a short video will teach you about the unique geology of the cave. And when you’re in the area, why not hike along some of the trails in the nearby hills too? Combining a day of exploring the cave and following the paths is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Barbados.

Folkestone Marine Park

The shipwreck at Folkestone isn’t the only attraction in this marine park. The region is a hotspot for snorkelling and diving. Situated along the coast to the northwest of the island, passionate water fans will have the chance get onto the water for a unique underwater experience. Either swim among the fish and coral or dive down to the shipwreck. Whichever you choose to do, savour the experience and the views of some of Barbados’s loveliest stretches of coastline.  

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Opposite Farley Hill towards the northern part of Barbados is the Wildlife Reserve. The mahogany forests have pathed trails for visitors to follow through the tall trees. Apart from the serene environment of the wooded area, the other highlight is the abundance of wildlife. Stroll through and keep your eyes open to spot the green monkeys, deer, iguanas and tortoises. Look into the skies and be rewarded with a variety of tropical birds. And that’s not all. Barbados Wildlife also has an extensive collection of plants and flowers. If you like nature and want to experience the real Barbados, consider taking a day trip to the reserve.

Animal Flower Cave

On the northern tip of Barbados you’ll find the Animal Flower Cave. Along the beach, several caves contain rock pools attract tourists to see the marine life living inside. If you visit, you can swim in some of the pools too. Those looking to capture one of the most beautiful pictures of Barbados should climb to the top of the cliffs. The panoramic views of the northern coast are guaranteed to take your breath away. Just be careful as some of the larger Atlantic waves crash against the caves below. And after enjoying the views, head to the Clifftop Bar and Restaurant for a bite to eat and a cold drink.

The Flower Forest

The Flower Forest located high in the central hills covers more than 53 acres and houses a modest botanical garden. Walking through gives visitors the chance see a range of flowers that are always colourful and blooming. One of the favourite reasons people visit the Flower Forest is for the view of Barbados. Either join a tour or hike to the botanical garden yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

Bottom Bay

One of Barbados’s most famous beaches sits semi-enclosed by tall coral cliffs. The white sand lined with coconut trees against the azure waters makes a perfect place to relax. Climb to the top of the cliffs for views of the southeast coast. There are a few places to buy food and refreshments in and around Bottom Beach. But nothing quite beats bringing your own picnic as you soak up the incredible beauty of Barbados.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Another botanical garden that’s famous around Barbados for its collection of plants and tropical flowers. Walk through the grounds, and you’ll be able to see some of the rarer species of trees including different types of palm and a succulent garden. Formerly a private garden which opened to the public in the 1970s, Andromeda Botanic Gardens has quickly become a highlight for tourists looking to enjoy Barbados’s tropical beauty.

Barbados: A Natural Paradise

Whether you want to explore limestone caves or relax in rock pools overlooking the Atlantic to enjoying shady botanical gardens, Barbados has something for you. Long stretches of beach and a mountainous interior provides some of the most breath-taking views and diversity of wildlife. Get the best out of your trip and experience some of the world’s best views for yourself.

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