Good manners are not reserved only for the theater and cinemas. It is just as important to maintain them while you are working out in a gym. Some of the rules of conduct in a gym may seem obvious while you may have missed on others. Either way, a nice reminder about gym etiquette is always good to have. It will make your time in the gym more enjoyable. Also, you will avoid some unpleasant situations with other members.

Gym Etiquette For Beginners


Your gym clothes will reflect your personal style and taste. There is no such thing as a dress code in the gym, but there are some unwritten rules. Keep your clothes decent. Transparent clothes are not a good idea. Also, shorts that may become too revealing in some poses while you work out are better left home. Consider other people, as much as your comfort, while you choose your clothes.

Machines and Equipment

Don’t sit and relax on a machine between reps. Somebody else might want to use it between your series. When you are done with your series, wipe the machine to remove all the sweat. In this way, everybody else will be able to use it without having to clean after you. You need to have your own towel to wipe the machines. Always leave the machines in the state you found them, so that they can be used instantly after you are done with them. Don’t get too near the machines when others are using them. That can be distracting and you may put yourself in danger.

Communication with Others

People come to the gym to work out and not to chat. Leave all unnecessary chats for after the workout. Even though you and your gym friend want to talk, perhaps others don’t want to hear it. Don’t sing or whistle while you exercise. A lot of people find that annoying. The same goes for cellphones. You don’t need your cell phone in the gym. If you expect something extremely important, mute your cell. Gym is not a place for children. Don’t bring them because they might interfere with other people’s workout.


Not everybody is OK with watching you walk around naked. Bring a towel big enough so that you can cover up once you are done showering. You don’t need more than 5-10 minutes to take a post-workout shower and prolonging that time means that somebody has to wait for their turn. Make sure that the shower is as clean as possible after you are done. People may slip on the wet floor, so try not to leave a wet trail after yourself. If you empty some of your product bottles, pick them up after yourself. Use cologne moderately since it may bother some people.


If you are not sure about when to arrive at the gym and when to leave, discuss it with your personal trainer and they will let you know. By being on time, you respect other members of the gym. If you come in late, you may cause the gym to be too crowded or even chip into somebody else’s time. The same goes for the machines and the gear in the gym. Use them as much as you need, but be reasonable about the time. Most of them have the time limit written on them.

Gym Etiquette For Beginners


Another all important question is when, and what, should you eat before heading for a workout. It can be both uncomfortable and dangerous to work out on a full stomach, and preventing a bloated stomach caused by inappropriate workouts can also be an issue. The general rule of thumb is to make your pre-workout meal the more simple the closer it is to the actual workout. Don’t overeat, as it will slow you down, cause discomfort, and may lead to injury.

You exercise, sweat and get tired in the gym. Other people do the same. It is difficult enough to exercise hard, so nobody wants to deal with bad behavior in the gym. Gym etiquette is there to help you have it a bit easier. It only requires a little bit of manners and common sense.

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