Have you ever dreamed of having a relaxing day at the Spa? Have you also considered not having to pay a fortune in order to relax? Well, this can all be done in the comfort of your very own bathroom. Here are some practical tips to make your bathroom feel and look like a spa center. What’s best, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make this dream come true.

Scented Candles

One of the most important factors of getting a spa-like feel in your bathroom is to fill it with relaxing and gentle scents. Also, dimmed light goes hand in hand with the scents, so in order to achieve this, you can just light several scented candles. Pick your favorite types and just give yourself in to that magnificent bath. Arrange them the way you like, and leave them sitting every day in your bathroom, so every day could be a spa day.

How To Give Your Bathroom That Spa-Like Feel

Make it Salty

For every bath use  salts with a touch of essential oil to relax both your mind and your body.  The salts will cleanse your whole body with their grains and make your baht more enjoyable, while the oil will unwind your brain with its sweet smell. Also, you can put all this on a decorating tray and place it where it is easily accessible and pleasing to the eye.

Relax your Ears

Everybody knows that music is one of the best relaxation methods. So, take a CD player or your I-pod, fill it with the tunes you like, preferably some slow chill out music, and install it in your bathroom. You could also make a small station for your music device and play your favorite songs whenever you like. Make sure to put your devices away from the water and never touch them with your wet hands.

How To Give Your Bathroom That Spa-Like Feel

Posh things up

Decorating your bathroom could help you feel like you are in the spa. If your bathroom looks plain and simple, you may add something that would be surprising and unusual for a bathroom to have. For example, you could put interesting wallpaper with some strange prints. Or even think about putting a huge mirror in some weird place, like a ceiling.

However, if you are not into art or big mirrors, you could simply but a bouquet of your favorite flowers in a corner. What would make your bathroom even more spa-like would be putting some bamboo or bonsai trees beside your bath tub or near the door. Also, make sure to have small scented soaps on your shelves or trays around your bathroom. The whole room would just smell lovely and relax you the second you come in. And if you change your shower head to multi head with low flow aerators, tells us seasoned Castle Hill plumber, you will keep the water bill low and still have a majestic treatment

How To Give Your Bathroom That Spa-Like Feel

Softness Everywhere

In order to unwind and feel comfortable in your bathroom you need to make it seem soft and tender. To achieve this, you are going to need one soft bathroom mat that has some warm colors in it. But make sure not that it is not made out of some sharp and unwelcoming material. Pick a fluffy one. In addition to this, make sure to hang soft and fresh towels wherever needed, and pick the ones with warm colors too. These would make you feel relaxed and pleased every time you’re in the bathroom. Just like the spa.

Do all of these things, maybe even just a few of them, and voila! Your bathroom looks and smells like a spa center which you can enjoy whenever you want and, what is more important, you can enjoy it practically for free.

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