Wedding photographers in any given city around the world happen to be a dime a dozen. However, few photographers really take the time out to experiment, come up with new ideas or at least research the latest techniques used to photograph weddings. The downside for couples is when they hire these types of photographers. This is why even photographers with experience will need some guidance from couples provided that the couple knows what the latest photography trends are.

Photography trends

Over the past decade photography trends have changed dramatically. This is thanks in part to improving lenses, DSLR cameras and brides’ dress styles. Today’s DSLR or professional cameras are able to take crisp photographs in even low light conditions this allows for photographers to experiment with various types of lighting, profile pictures and poses. That said few photographers want to push the boundaries of what they are capable of and so they tend to stick to the tried and true. Below we will look at a five of the latest wedding photography ideas that couples can talk to their photographers about.

Picture from above

A group picture from a slight elevation with the couple in front of everyone else is an excellent shot. The best thing about a shot like this is that it can capture almost every family member in one shot. The other advantage of this picture is that everyone’s faces are clearly visible. If the picture is taken from a slightly higher elevation with a wide angle lenses it can also capture the surrounding decoration like the cake, balloons, and the venue itself. If done correctly the results can be breathtaking.

Capture the wedding using two cameras

Many wedding photographs always have a backup camera at their sides when capturing a wedding. The reason being that you never know when the camera may break, become faulty, or even drop from the hands. But in most cases the second camera is never used. So, the best use of the second backup camera is to set it up at a slight elevation and set it to take pictures automatically. This camera can be set with a 120mm lens and 130-150 ISO. This allows for the photographer to cover the wedding from a slightly different angle.

The silhouette picture

This is one of the most romantic wedding photography ideas being used by leading photographers today. The idea behind this photograph is simple i.e. to capture the couple’s silhouette. This can be done in one of two ways either ask the couple to strike a romantic pose like kissing or coming close to each other with a silhouette of them both forming on the back wall or the focus can just be on the silhouette.

The picture taken will focus on the silhouette with the couple in the background. The resulting picture will be dramatic and romantic. The tricky part of this picture is to use the right lenses and set the ISO based on present lighting conditions.

Bride’s mother helping with the dress

This is a classic family portrait and something that wedding couples especially the bride should insist on. This type of picture can take the mother and daughter back to the days of the daughter’s first prom or the first party. However, many photographers get this picture wrong by focusing a lot on the dress and bride and less on the mother. The focus should be on the mother’s expression and the bride’s dress, while she looks on in the mirror. A 50mm portrait lens will work best here along with a standard 100 ISO setting.

A close up of the rings

Even though the ‘close up’ of the rings shot is nothing new the fact is that few photographers take this type of picture. Also it is important to get creative with the picture because two rings side by side can be boring. So, ideally you can have the names of the couple and the rings placed in front of them or even board game tiles which will help to add color.

Proud family members

These can be a series of photographs of family members who look proud to be at the wedding. There should be special focus on the expressions of the guests with the background blurred out. A standard 50mm lens should work best for these shots.

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Manu Alias is one of the leading wedding photography experts. He is known to come up with the newest wedding photography ideas that are often copied by others in the industry. However, his bold and often creative ideas is what has earned his wedding photography service a solid reputation over the years.

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