The Pan Pacific Hotels Group is no stranger in the luxury hotel groups across the globe today. It is the recipient of a number of international awards for its hospitality and service excellence. Guests love coming back to this hotel group repeatedly. It has 12 international locations and makes you feel as if you are home away from home!

Leading the Hotel Group with Success

The man behind the success of this famous Group of luxury hotels is Patrick Imbardelli. He has played a major role when it comes to leading this Group to success and fame. He is known for his defined vision and amazing leadership skills. This makes him widely sought after and a successful role model for people in the hotel management industry both in the USA and the world. He is a key source of inspiration for his peers and all those hotel management aspirants across the world today.

He has been in the hotel management industry for over 30 years. He is an efficient business analyst and ensures that business development plans are carried out in a successful manner. He has an eye for perfection and guides staff and employees in a friendly manner. He is a key motivational figure to them and always approachable when the need arises.

The Fun of Working in Hotels

He says that the hotel management industry is very challenging and exciting. You should be prepared for hard work and pressure at times. However, he says that it takes years of practice and skill to excel in this industry. In the industry, he says you should always have a smiling face and be ready to be of assistance to all guests. He says that in order to be successful in the hotel and hospitality industry, it is important for you to be open and flexible. He is also a man of deep credibility and he says that trust building is a key skill in the hotel and hospitality industry. When it comes to leading his teams, he is more of an example over an individual who leads with fear.

Be Alert and Proactive

When it comes to obstacles in the hotel and hospitality industry, he says you should be prepared and not panic. These skills again come with practice and training. He loves sharing his 30- year experience with his staff and subordinates. He says that you will develop your personality when you start working here. You understand people better and you always feel like helping guests make their stay memorable. He trains newcomers and also helps them solve problems they face when they come to the hotel and hospitality industry. He says it is great to work here and every day is an inspirational day for him.

In his spare time,Patrick Imbardelli is actively involved in charity. He works with passion for the welfare of underprivileged children and loves spending time with them. In his personal life, he is happily married with two children and enjoys the citizenship of two nations- Italy and Australia.

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