Meditation is not only known to offer spiritual benefits, but also assists an individual in achieving physical and mental relaxation. It is known for calming effects, by protecting against a number of stress-related health issues.

Practice Meditation For Health Gains

Primary Goal of Meditation

The basic objective of meditation is to calm your mind by focusing on the present situation. As a matter of fact, meditation is adept in quite places to avoid distractions.

Types of Meditation

There are a number of meditation techniques that are implemented to achieve calmness. Transcendental meditation also known as “mantra” is a type that requires repetition of specific words and phrases. Another type includes Tai Chi that relies on specific actions and comes under the category of moving meditation.

Why People Practice Meditate?

Meditation is practiced as an alternative or in combination with conventional medicine to achieve the following health benefits:

  • Stress Management & Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Positive Attitude towards Life
  • Countering Depression
  • Reduce Pain
  • Better Sleep and Mood

Health Benefits of Meditation

According to health experts, meditation reduces sympathetic nervous system activity (mainly responsible for an increased breathing and heart rate under stressful situations) and increases parasympathetic nervous system to slow down heart and breathing rates.

A few health benefits that have been experienced by patients practicing meditation are as follows:

Prevention of Heart Diseases

Meditation can have a positive effect on your heart’s health, thus preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases in you. In addition, research also links it with reduced blood pressure levels and psychosocial stress.

Reduces Pain Sensation

Meditation shows positive results in pain management. According to few studies conducted in 2010, it helps to decrease an individual’s sensitivity to pain by thickening specific brain regions responsible for controlling emotions and pain. This makes it a good alternative for patients of low back pain and fibromyalgia.

Improves Memory

A study published in 2009 concluded mediation to have enhanced effects on an individual’s visual memory. The study was conducted on Alzheimer’s patients.

Fights Depression

It fights depressive symptoms. A study published in 2009 involving 28 people with depression showed improved results for patients receiving mindfulness-based cognitive therapy with general treatment versus the patients who only received traditional care.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is a practice of combining mindfulness meditation with general cognitive behavioral therapy for countering depression symptoms.

Learning Meditation

Practicing meditation is simple, fun and beneficial for your health. There are a number of techniques that you can apply to enjoy its increased health gains. Some websites offer free guided meditation online to help you learn and practice meditation. Start learning now!

Please note, individual with serious health issues must consult with a physician instead of solely depending on meditation as a health treatment.

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