Pine bark extract supplement is extracted from the European pine trees, especially from the inner barks of the trees. While Pycnogenol is regarded as the most popular pine bark extract even other pine bark extracts available under other brand name contain the same active ingredients such as oligomericproanthocyanidin compounds which are the most powerful antioxidants. Pine bark extract supplements play a vital role in increasing the blood flow from small vessels to the tissues whilst strengthening the blood vessels. They also improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health condition. By taking these pine bark extract supplements on a regular basis, you can maintain healthy blood pressure and proper brain function. It also reduces ankle and led edema. Moreover, it also helps in improving the delivery of oxygen to cells and so, you can remain active the whole day.

Who Can Take Pine Bark Extract?

Benefits Of Taking Pine Bark Extract Supplements To Treat Chronic Disease

One of the best features about this supplement is that it can be taken by anyone. Even if you have a healthy body, you may not stay immune to potential health damages caused by oxidation and free radicals. So, this product is beneficial for everyone who wants to stay immune to toxins present in the air we breathe and water we drink. The individuals with compromised circulatory systems benefit from taking pine bark extract. The pine bark extract supplements can also be taken by stroke victims, diabetics, smokers, people with varicose veins, those with arthritis, women using oral contraceptives, children with ADHD and ADD, individuals with cardiovascular problems, etc. The specialty of this extract is the oligomericproanthocyanidins, which are nothing but the class of flavonoids. The French Researcher called Jacques Masquelier discovered this flavonoid in peanut skin and its ability in improving blood circulation and repairing tissue in the body. He also found that the pine trees which are grown abundantly in the Southern France are the most efficient source of OPCs and they contain abundance of this flavonoid. The extract is obtained from the bark of the tree just with the help of pressure and warm water.

Antioxidants Present In OPCs:

Free radicals which are also called as oxidants are produced as the consequence of exposing to UV radiation and environmental toxins such as pollution, smoke and eating unhealthy foods such as deep fried foods. These free radicals cause potential side effects when they tend to reach with cell membrane and DNA. This results in poor function of cells and weakened immune system, chronic illness and even death. However, these adverse effects of free radicals can be treated with the help of antioxidants which have the ability of attacking free radicals and terminate the chain reaction from happening. The antioxidants present in pine bark extract supplements reduce the destructive power of the oxidants and help in repairing the damages already done by them to your body. Moreover, the antioxidants are capable of slowing down the aging process and helping to prevent chronic disease and heart diseases. It is recommended to follow the instructions given on the label, if you want to take these supplements. If you are under any other medication, it is better to get suggestions from the medical professionals.

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