Ishqbaaz 7th Dec 2017 Full Epiosde of start plus starts with Anika obtaining angry with Svetlana. Svetlana cunningly tells Anika ahead of Oberoi relations that Gauri is helpless and must depend upon Anika and Shivay for everything. She additionally says that Gauri will be a decent maid however that’s not the task of Oberoi female offspring in laws.

Tej angrily expression ahead of Shakti, finger and Dadi as why did Shivay not dispense with his shares which of OmRu. FB Hindu deity is shopping for new bike. Tej comes there with transient ischemic attack holding his hand. The dealer of the bike asks for the payment. Hindu deity offers his mastercard. Dealer says the value is ten lacs and asks whether or not the mastercard has enough limit. Hindu deity says his card has enough limit to pay fifty lacs. The dealer swipes the cardboard however informs that the payment has been declined.

Rudra feels there may be some web issue. however once more once swiping the cardboard gets declined. therefore Tej offers his card. That too is declined. Tej complains that the machine may be faulty. That moment Svetlana enters the area and says that its not the machine their time is dangerous. She says that her cash shouldn’t be wasted on such things. She insists that the bike ought to be came back. There comes Shivays and offers his card. The payment is cleared.

Both Shivay and Hindu deity hug. Shivay tells Svetlana that Rudy can get all he needs for. She walks out of the area. All Oberio family have a contented moment once Dadi gets a ride on the bike reception itself. transient ischemic attack talks to Tej expression that she is aware of what’s meant by money crisis. terribly sweet she tells Tej that Shivay can lookout of everybodys desires. She additionally suggests that Shivay ought to provide cash to all or any relations consistent with their desires on monthly basis.

Shivay is busy in his thoughts once Anika enters the area, He tries to go away the area. Anika says she is glad that Shivay bought the bike for Hindu deity. Shivay tells her that he will do something for his brothers. then again she says that she can’t believe that Shivay has given OmRus shares to Svetlana. Shivay tells her this is often a business issue.

Ishqbaaz Full Episode

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