In case you have the aspiration to study in Canada you can try for the student visa. Most of the international students in Canada are trying to procure the permit in order to have an easy stay in this part of the world. Canada is known for attracting innumerable students from India each year. In order to get admission in the top universities of Canada they need to have excellent and exceptional academic score. They also need the permission to study by validating the means to obtain the Study Permit. In Canada if you want to go for professional, academic, or the kind of vocational training at the university, educational institution or college, you need a permit for studying in Canada.

The Method Of Procuring The Student Visa

Procurement of the Visa

For the reason one has to apply for student visa for Canada from India. The procurement of the visa will help you study independently in this part of the world with the best of convenience. One has to arrange for the study permit before entering the Canadian periphery. The study permit is given to the students once they arrive in Canada. However, to get to the spot the student should apply for the Temporary Resident Visa and this is being arranged by the Canadian High Commission. The same is facilitated by the Visa Application Centers.

Knowing about the Fee

There are VSF global services and these are designated VACs for the kind of Canadian Visa. It is important to know about the Canadian Visa Fee. The cost of the study permit in Canada is CAD$ 150. This is same as NRI 7,400. You can know about the exact amount from the CIC website. However, things are based on the current exchange rate. Since the exchange rate always keeps on changing you are advised to check the same at the time of making the visa application.

Looking for the Work Permit

The international students in Canada are always in look for the work permit. You can get the applications both online and offline. You can make the visa processing fee online by making use of the credit card. You can even make the payment offline through the demand draft if you are paying at the High Commission of Canada. You can even make cash payment at VAC. However, one should pay the fee at the time of submitting the application with the providing of the free receipt of the online payment. The Demand Draft which is needed to be drawn out in favor of the High Commission of Canada should be done in the Indian currency.

About the Visa Fee

It is time for knowing the details of student visa for Canada from India. However, the mentioned visa fee will not include the VAC service charges. You need to pay the additional service charges and this is applicable for the specific region. Also, a receipt needs to be issued for the amount of payment received you can keep the receipt as a proof that you have made the payment. The Demand Draft is required to be drawn out in favor of the High Commission of Canada and this should be made in the Indian currency.