Many people are sceptical about the benefits of hypnosis for helping them solve some of the problems they have in their lives. Most people are only familiar with hypnosis after seeing it performed by comedians who seemed to have made people act unusually, such as clucking like a chicken. However, if used properly, hypnosis has many benefits.

The Benefits Of Being Hypnotised

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is considered to be a trance-like state, but it is better described as a state of intense focus or concentration. While it may seem like the patient is sleeping or in a trance, they are actually focusing on curing a problem they have. Problems that hypnosis is known to help with include losing weight, quitting smoking, or overcoming insomnia.

Although some people claim they cannot be hypnotised, since it is a state of intense concentration, almost anyone is capable of using hypnosis to help with a problem they want to resolve. While some people may visit a hypnotist or a psychologist trained in hypnotism, but most people can easily hypnotise themselves. There are many hypnosis downloads or CDs available that you can use to help you find a resolution to problems you are having.

Benefits of Hypnosis:

Although hypnosis involves your mental state, it has several well-documented benefits for those with certain medical conditions.

Help with Insomnia:

If you find it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep at night, then listening to hypnosis recordings can help you enter a deep, restorative sleep. Research indicates that even people who were deemed difficult to hypnotise were able to sleep better after using hypnotic recordings to help them get to sleep. Along with sleeping better, hypnosis also has the benefit of not having any side effects.

Manage Pain Better:

Studies have shown that patients who have pain caused by conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia benefited from hypnosis. They were able to better manage their pain and, in many cases, they actually felt less pain after being hypnotised. Even with several studies showing positive outcomes, few psychologists trained in hypnosis use it to help patients with pain relief.

Relieve Anxiety:

People who suffer from anxiety, such as the fear of giving birth or undergoing other medical procedures, can be greatly helped with hypnosis. Although it can help relieve anxiety related to specific events, research is also being conducted to see if it will help with general anxiety disorders and depression.

Reduce IBS Symptoms:

Patients with irritable bowel symptoms have shown improvement after being treated with hypnosis. In fact, 81% of the patients who participated in a 2003 study reported they still felt better up to six years after they had used hypnosis for their symptoms. It is believed that if hypnosis was used more often, it could help decrease the need for medical intervention in some cases.

Although people may be sceptical about its benefits, hypnosis has helped thousands of people overcome anxiety, fears, and it has helped them resolve long-standing issues. Listening to hypnosis recordings may be able to help you as well.

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