There are many workouts out there that have different benefits. For example, some will make you stronger. Others will improve your fitness. The best part about keeping fit is there are many different workouts that you can do that are engaging. Additionally, you need to ensure that you find exercises that keep you happy and motivated. Once you do, you are more likely to keep up with your workout routine and get results. 


In this article, we will talk about the many forms of exercise, including the benefits of those exercises. Hopefully, we will help you find a type of exercise that keeps you motivated and is something you enjoy. 


Strength and Resistance Workout


Strength and resistance workouts are exercises that many people enjoy. You will likely perform these exercises in the gym. The main reason why people will do strength/resistance exercises is to improve their strength. Other people perform these exercises to improve the look of their bodies. 


Using weights is the equipment you use to improve your strength. There are many other ways you can do this as well. Some people prefer to use their body weight to improve their strength. That would be with pull-ups, tricep dips or even static exercises, also known as callisthenics. Callisthenics is hard and, if you do acrobatics, you will be good at callisthenics as acrobatics requires a lot of body strength. 

There are many more benefits to strength training. For example, strength training can reduce health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, it can maintain muscle mass and keeps your joints strong. If you don’t exercise, you will lose muscle mass and become weaker. 


Aerobic and Cardiovascular Workouts


Next, we have aerobic exercises and these improve your cardiovascular system. It is where you will increase your heart rate quickly and your breathing rate. Furthermore, multiple types of exercises improve your cardiovascular system. There are many benefits such as potentially reducing certain cancers, heart diseases, strokes, dementia, and other cognitive-related diseases. 


If you are doing endurance exercises with weights, it will help maintain muscle mass. Furthermore, it can also keep your bones healthy as well. Many exercises help stimulate the muscles and help start a chemical reaction in the body that supports the growth of new neurons in the brain. It then improves brain cell growth and reduces the chances of any cognitive decline later in life such as dementia. Dopamine and endorphins are also released when performing these types of exercises. 


There are many different cardiovascular exercises out there that you can perform. Some people enjoy going on a run around their local area, other people prefer running on a treadmill. However, if you are not a runner, consider rowing, cycling or swimming, depending on what you prefer. 


It is advised that during the week, you ensure you get around 150 minutes of exercise that consists of some form of aerobic exercise. When you break this down, it is not a lot. For example, if you wish to train for five days a week with two rest days, it is only 30 minutes a day. Doing these types of exercises will improve your heart rate as well as improve your breathing as well. 


HIIT Training


High-intensity interval training is one of our favourite exercises on this list. It is a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training. Furthermore, It includes short bursts of exercises such as star jumps, press-ups and many others. HIIT training will also include weight exercises but the weights are much lighter. Allowing you to perform these exercises at a higher rep count. You would also perform these exercises for 20 or 30 seconds and then rest before getting back into it. You could also do this on a cycling bike or a treadmill. 


Flexibility Exercises 


Different types can improve your flexibility and also your balance. One of the more common exercises you would do for this is yoga. We suggest that if you wish to improve your balance and flexibility, you perform these exercises at least twice a week. Additionally, these exercises will also boost your mood and have calming benefits as well. If you ever need to relieve some stress, these exercises will be great. 


Benefits of Flexibility Exercises 


There are many reasons why people perform flexibility exercises. One of the main reasons is that it reduces injuries. The reason why it reduces injury is that it helps with reducing physical stress. Furthermore, flexibility exercises eradicate muscle imbalances which reduce the chances of injury as well. 


Improves Posture


Another thing that flexibility exercise helps with is improving your posture and balance. This is one of the many reasons why athletes include yoga and other flexibility exercises in their workout routine throughout the week. Additionally, working out can improve the imbalances in your body which is why it helps with your posture. Another benefit is that it improves the range of motions, you may find it easier to sit or stand better. 


Increases Strength


It is believed that flexibility exercises improve strength. As these exercises improve the movement in your body, the exercises ensure your muscles have the right amount of tension, engaging the right muscles for other exercises and allowing you to become more physically fit. Flexibility exercises are a great way to build muscle so ensure you are including these in your weekly routine. 


The More You Do, The Better You Will Perform


As you can see, there are many different types of exercises. As stated earlier, it is recommended you get around 150 minutes of exercise which is the minimum recommended amount. If you aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise and then 75 minutes of high-intensity exercises, you will soon see improvements in your fitness. If you wish to improve your fitness, you need to stay consistent throughout the week and have it as part of your daily routine. As soon as it is part of your daily routine, you will fall into the habit of exercising nearly every day. 


Consistency is critical when it comes to exercising. If you want to improve your performance, you must be consistent with exercising. For example, you won’t get immediate results from attending the gym for a few weeks. You need to train week in and week out for your body to become stronger and fitter.


To Conclude


Exercising is for both physical and mental benefits. Furthermore, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated. Set yourself short-term and long-term goals that are achievable and once you achieve these goals, you can reward yourself with a new cropped sweatshirt or other gym wear that you may need. We all know that high-quality gym wear can help improve your performance so you should treat yourself. If you have achieved your goals, you could book a spa weekend away with a friend you go to the gym with. 

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