SS22 is here and that only mean that the days are getting lighter, longer and warmer! We are finally able to start looking at a spring/summer wardrobe and not having to hide our style under a big coat!


Sadly in the spring we do still see shower so you may still need a coat sometimes, but for the rest of the time, here’s a look at the top trends for SS22:


Go Green

It isn’t hard to spot this one on the streets, but lime and bright greens are a big trend this season. From affordable streetwear brands to high fashion dresses, this colour isn’t just for the grinch anymore. Brands such as Versace, Valentino and Stella McCartney have all opted for green this spring summer during fashion week. 


Whether you want to go bold with a new summer dress, keep it casual with a tracksuit or go subtle with a nice green top, green is the way to go this summer!


Statement Trousers & Suits

There’s not a lot better in the fashion industry than a trouser suit! Luxury clothing brands are all over this trend for both your working day and dancing evening. Oversized, wider leg trousers in an assortment of colours, this is a very loved trend this season and it can basically come out of you wardrobe everyday as it’ll be perfect for every (or most) occasion.


Bright Co-Ords

Every girls dream in the summer, bright co-ords give you an intentional sense on style on a hot weekend. Whether you’re at a festival or a weekend away in the UK the matchy-matchy vibe is a clear winner in the summer. Lookout for check, floral and animalprints in store and online and remember the brighter the better.


Bras as Tops

Everyone remembers the era of lingerie becoming outerwear, slightly more subtle, and usually paired with a top or jacket to keep it under wraps. Well now we’re going to a whole new level! Women are ditching the shirt and opting to wear bra or bralettes as a top this summer. Seen during fashion and worn by major celebrities, triangle shapped bras with high waisted skirts or jeans and worn under a light jacket, this is a great style for the brave!


Low-Rise Jeans

It’ll take some getting use to, but the 90’s are back with one of their most iconic looks, the low-rise jean. Now it’s never going to be a style for everyone, but if you’re feeling adventurous this summer, this style is a clear nod to the current trends. Pick out matching midriff sets and channel your inner Brittney Spears!



Celebrities around the world are loving the cut out detailing on tops and dresses. This trend did start in 2021 but its become even bigger and bolder in 2022 showing off even more skin for the warmer months of the year! Add a fun edgyness to a long dress or add some extra flare to a top, just try to avoid wearing this stylewith your ripped jeans. If you’re looking for some dress inspiration, heres a look at the best cut-out dresses for 2022.


If none of the above are getting you excited for SS22 than there are plenty of other trends to look out for with mini skirts, hot pink, pleats and halterneck allmaking a comeback too! 

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