The day is finally here – your little one is heading to pre-school! For you, this can be a stressful time, no matter if your little one has been in nursery or daycare for the past few years or not. However, ensuring that you are fully prepared can go a long way in helping with your unease and anxiety and gives your toddler the best start. With so much to think about, the last thing you want to worry about is forgetting something potentially important or that your little one needs!  

Whilst most pre-schools will provide a list of things that you will need to prepare, there are some general items that you should consider getting for your toddler before they start. Let’s have a look at 3 must-have items that your toddler needs for pre-school. 

Spare Clothes

Pre-schools are a fun place for little ones to learn and grow and, with that, usually comes some kind of messy play! It’s important to pack a spare change of clothes for your toddler once they go to preschool in the event of water spills, paint mess, accidents or messy play. 

Be sure to pack a spare change of pants, top, trousers and seasonal add-ons, such as a warm jumper or a sun hat, to cover you for anything. If you want to prevent your little one from getting messy in the first place, then you could consider packing a bib with sleeves to protect clothes from mess, spills and stains. 


Nappies, Wipes & Medication

If your toddler is still in nappies, then you will likely be asked to pack nappies for the day so as to avoid any sensitivities and rashes from occurring. Plan that, on average, your little one will need between 6 and 8 nappies per day, as well as extra if they have been under the weather or drinking more than usual. 

You should also be sure to pack the wipes that you use, as well as any rash cream or ointments you apply at changing times. If your toddler is potty training, then you should ensure that there are plenty of changes of pants and trousers in case of any accidents. 

Some pre-schools may also ask that things such as painkillers or required medication be sent in with your toddler, so be sure to label these clearly with the dosage and times required so that there is no confusion. You may also want to pack some suncream, too, as many pre-schools won’t apply suncream without your permission or use their own. 

Snacks & Drinks

Most pre-schools will provide meals and water as part of their fees, but with snacks, you may be required to pack your own. Before you pack anything, be sure to ask if you can store snacks in a kitchen environment, or if you can store food in a fridge or reheat anything you might send. A lot of pre-schools don’t offer these facilities, so it’s always best to check beforehand. 

You’ll be expected to pack a backpack for your toddler, so look for handy snack containers that you can reuse and that are easy to wash, such as reusable snack bags and pots. Ideas for toddler-friendly snacks include crackers, sliced fruit, raisins, biscuits, egg muffins, pastry pinwheels and vegetable batons with dips. 

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