If you are one of those struggling with their finances during the financial crisis, you are probably trying to find another way of earning extra cash. Thanks to the digital world and the internet, there are many ways to earn additional money.


For the majority of these methods, all you require is a desktop and an internet connection. As soon as you have both of these, you are ready to go and start earning your extra money. Moreover, there are many different methods to make money online, some are short-term and others are long-term, which would be more suitable for your long-term goals. 


Short-Term Secondary Incomes


There are many different methods to earn money over the short-term period. You will also be surprised at some of these methods to earn extra cash. 


Testing Games and Applications


You may be surprised that you can get paid for playing games and using applications. If you are a video game lover, this one’s for you. 


Video games held the largest share in 2021 due to the demand during covid-19. Additionally, video games have been popular for a long time and only seem to become more popular the more advanced the technology becomes. 


There are many different ways to earn money through testing video games. The most common are tasks to complete throughout the game. Once you have completed these tasks, you will gain in-game money. Once you have gained enough in-game currency, you can cash out for real money. 


It can be a great additional income however, many websites are taking advantage of others. People are now starting to create fake platforms for video game testing. They will trick you into putting in your private details, including your bank details to scam you. If you are going to consider this for your secondary income, we advise you to research the platform you are using. Make sure it is a credible platform before you start entering any of your details. 


Website Testing


You can also get paid to test people’s websites. Additionally, if you consider yourself an expert in website testing and development, this one’s for you. Furthermore, if you work with websites every day, you are probably smarter than the average person and your opinion is more valid. 

For this, you will have to complete several tasks when on their website. Once you complete those tasks, you will be asked to give feedback. With this feedback, they will use this to improve their website. 


When testing a website, you need to be critical of it but not too critical. If you think the website is great and faultless then that is good but it isn’t what you are getting paid for. There may be a reason why they are getting you to test their website. Try your best to find the problems with the website and feed that back to them.


Online Surveys


Last but not least, online surveys. It may come as a surprise that you can complete a survey and get paid for it; however, the pay you receive for completing a survey is less than a website or game review.  


To do this, it is relatively simple. All you need to do is sign up for Swagbucks, Harris Poll Online, QuickRewards, Survey Junkie or other survey websites. Once you have created your account you are ready to go. 


The reason why companies pay you is for market research. Furthermore, you would be the only person completing this survey. They will be getting several people similar to you, to complete your survey as well. Once all the surveys are complete, they will use this information to make business decisions for the services or products they offer. 


Usually, these surveys are targeted so not everybody can complete them to earn money. For example, some companies will target a specific age group. Other surveys may target certain habits or even occupations. 


You need to complete a lot of surveys before you can withdraw money as well. Each survey could pay around $3 a survey, some are even lower than that. Once you have earned enough, you can then cash out your money. 


Long-Term Secondary Incomes


If you want another income that is more sustainable, you might want to consider other methods. Additionally, there are many ways to start earning extra cash on the side as well for a long period. 


Investing In The Stock Market


Investing in the stock market is another income that you can consider. It can be beneficial for you if you do enough research. However, if you invest money in stocks you know nothing about, you can lose a lot of money. Before you start investing, make sure you research the company first and find out what are the hottest stocks.


For many people, the stock market can be hard to understand. Nonetheless, if you have a business brain and know what is in demand due to what is happening around the world, you will likely do well with the stock market.


There are many different stocks you can put your money into and some are riskier than others. You have common stocks/preferred stock which the majority of casual investors will put their money in. Then there are other stocks such as large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stocks. There are also many more but these are some of the most common. 


When investing your money in these stocks or cryptocurrencies, you have to be aware of the ones which are not legit. These can take your money and never return anything that could leave you with nothing. Be careful when investing in stocks as there are many broker scams and you may never see that money again. 




If you are good with web development or work as a digital marketer, this one’s for you. Not only can you do this as a full-time job but you can also earn a little extra money for your clients. The best part about this is that the more hours you spend doing this, the more money you earn. One of the best parts about freelancing is that you can decide on your clients. If you are successful at this, it can be a very steady income. 




As you can, there are several methods you can do to earn extra income. Some are great for the short term and others are great for the long term. These different methods have their positives and negatives which is why you should conduct your research first. Weigh up the pros and cons before you decide on what can make you the most money, requiring very little time.

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