As the year is ending, it is important to know the review of Immigration to Canada this year. 2016 has been a significant year and it is expected that the 2017 year is also going to bring some positive news for people who are thinking of immigrating to Canada. Immigration programs in Canada fall under three broader categories: economic programs, humanitarian programs and family class programs. This year has been seen as an exceptional year as Canada’s immigration program managed to increase the number of immigrations, and decrease the processing times, so that people could fulfil their dreams of immigrating to Canada. To know more about the Immigration procedure, take help from Immigration Consultants for Canada.

The overall review of the 2016 year for Immigration to Canada:

  1. January: As the year started, the new government was present in the office for just two months. John McCallum had been appointed as the new Immigration Minister. In January, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada mainly emphasized on the government’s decision of settling around ten thousands of refugees from Syria. This act was highly praised. Talking about the family class program, around 10,000 applications were accepted for processing out of total 14,000 applications within the period of three days. Developments were also made in the economic programs by launching some new application management programs.
  2. February: British Columbia launched a new system, Skills Immigration Registration System so as to rank and choose the workers and graduates via many categories of the BC Provincial Nominee Programs. Around 6000 invitations were issued by BC to apply through this newly launched system.
  3. March: 2016 Immigration Levels Plan was released by the Canadian government in early March. This plan is aimed at welcoming around 305000 new immigrants in the year 2016.
  4. April: A year-end Express Entry Report was released in April by IRCC. It was found that rising number of candidates outside Canada were invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada.
  5. May: In the month of May, it was announced by Ontario to keep a temporary pause on applications falling under OINP streams.
  6. June: Mon project Quebec, an online immigration application management system that is used for Quebec Skilled Worker Program reached the limit of around 5000 application within just a few hours. The intake period started at 8.30 am in morning and continued till 12.58 pm in the noon.
  7. July: By July, candidates applied for PR via Express entry Programs reduced to approximately 800 per draw.
  8. August: The intake for Quebec Skilled Worker Program was very much similar to that of the intake during the month of June i.e. number of people applied for the immigration application within just a few hours of program opening.
  9. September: It was seen that the number of invitation to apply for express entry immigration to Canada were increased due to which there were several numbers of Express Entry news.
  10. October: The month of October came up with big news regarding 2017 Immigration Levels Plan that introduced an increase in economic immigration to Canada.
  11. November: November was the most crucial month in the aspect of Canada Immigration process. In this month, some enhancements in Express entry programs were introduced like reduction in points given for job opportunity, raise in the validity of ITA, etc.
  12. December: The month of December was also found to be quite busy. The minister of Immigration announced that spousal category under Family class programs is now decreased to 12 months, that was used to be 24 months earlier.

Lots of improvements were made this year and the coming year will also bring so many positive changes in Canada’s Immigration Program. It is good to consult Immigration consultants for Canada before planning to immigrate to Canada. If you are from Hyderabad and looking to immigrate to Canada, get in touch with LCC InfoTech which is one of the best immigration consultants for Canada in Hyderabad.

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