I remember my teenage years, how me and my friends wear just anything as long as it covers our body. All girls in my social circles had no clue, what a lady who is in our age should wear. We put on oversized tops and out-of-fashion jeans and think that we are superstars. One day I sat down and think how my high school days will be if i only knew how to dress appropriately. But that was then and now i have moved on to become an elegant lady who knows what to wear in every occasion. I have learned a lot from all grown-up women and i also think that 17-year old girls can learn too if they listened and observed how trendy a middle-aged woman can look if she do right fashion and beauty choices. I have number of clothing and beauty tips which i would like to share with you. You can also visit justfab.com to get some idea.

6 Beauty and Fashion Tips For Elder Teens From Grown Women

Being Careful with your Jeans

It is boring to see a teenage girl in faded jeans which she thinks is classy. Sometimes you look older than you really are. Jeans are great for your closet because they are simple and easy to match with anything. But you have to find a way to stop them from losing their color every time you wash. Next time you wash your jeans; ensure to turn them inside-out to slow down the fading.

Keep Your Skin Flawless

At 17 if your skin is so rough, what will you do in your 30s and beyond? You need a quality skin care product which can keep your skin fresh and young. There are many skin products which will keep your skin succulent. Just get the one which works best for you.

Buy Clothes You Love

Do not just buy clothes because others are buying them. Even from high school you should invest in clothes you love. You need something that you can wear for at least two years and it should look fashionable on you. Know your style and always buy pieces according to your style.

Do not Sleep in your Make up at Night

This is a mistake young ladies always make, when they start applying makeup. Now you know it is wrong. Every night before you sleep, wash away your makeup and leave your skin natural so that it can breathe. This way you will wake up with fresh skin ready to face another day at school.

Create a Trend; do not try to follow One

There are so many pieces out there which are trendy. But you should not follow them because they may be out of your established style. Create your own trend and build it from scratch. Add new items every time you go out for shopping. You will feel comfortable in keeping up with your own trend than chasing what others are wearing.

Do not Ignore your Eye Brows

All ladies know how important their eye brows are. They make you look beautiful even without makeup. Learning to shape them from your 17s, it is something you will appreciate even at your prime years. Girls, your eye brows add something in your beauty so do not leave them rough. Work on them and send out a message of being bold.

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