If you’re updating your existing central heating system or just looking to replace a radiator, you may struggle when deciding on the style to choose. With so many options out there, finding one that ticks all the boxes can be hard, which is where the column radiator comes in. Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a column radiator.

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The column radiator is a popular choice for many reasons. Not only is it a retro throwback to the days when this style of the radiator would line school hallways, it helps to create a sense of nostalgia within your home. This is something that is particularly on trend right now and so can help tie your interior together nicely. Their larger surface area also makes them a great choice for large rooms due to the amount of heat that they create.

It’s no wonder that these old-style radiators are making a comeback considering their robust nature. They can be extremely durable throughout the years, yet still have the flexibility to allow you to choose the positioning. Rather than being limited to a horizontal radiator, column radiators can be positioned vertically to allow you to maximize the space you have.

Once you have decided on the position, you could try to fit it yourself if you have the right tools and knowledge needed, or you may feel comfortable following a step by step guide. If not, always ensure that you bring in the professionals to get the job done quickly and safely.


In truth, there are not many drawbacks to choosing a column radiator. The main grievance that seems to occur involves the cleaning process once it has been installed. Rather than the quick once over that, you can give your single panel radiators, you will be required to spend a little more time cleaning in between the sections on a column radiator. There are various section sizes available, such as the ones available at Apollo, so the length of time cleaning will depend on how big you want your sections to be.

So if you are deciding which radiator style to choose, think carefully about the size of the space that requires heating and the cleaning that will be involved. Add in the retro look for a radiator that works well everywhere.