Wide plank flooring has been around for hundreds of years; however, it has made something of a comeback in the last few decades.

A Brief History Of Wide Plank Flooring

The benefits of wide plank flooring include its fast installation and low cost, but just how did this form of flooring originate and why is it so popular again today?

The history

One of the first known origins of this type of wood was back in New England. Settlers soon discovered that they could cut longer, wider planks and install them quickly when using timber for their home construction. Speed and durability were two important factors even then – perhaps due to imminent snow in the region – and today many homes still exist in this part of the world with their original timber flooring.

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Narrow planks emerge

As the years progressed, it became clear that despite its many benefits, long wide plank flooring was not ideal for mass production, which is when we started to see a lot more narrower forms of wooden flooring on the market and in our homes.

A Brief History Of Wide Plank Flooring

The benefits

Ultimately, narrow planks create more seams and can make flooring look busy and cluttered. Not only can this distort the aesthetics but also it can make a room look smaller. Many interior designers advise using wide plank flooring in small rooms, as it is an easy way to create a sense of more space.