Summers are for everyone- blooming flowers, summer soirees and dressy picnics! What is not to love? But the eternal quandary remains- what to wear. We say, get quirky with your wardrobe. After all, there is so much room to experiment with colours and outfits. Then we have the accessories department where we have the luxury watch segment- the unsurpassable statement makers. You can’t go wrong with a stylish watch; be it a sundress or a sari, the watch befriends all attires, adding grace to the ensemble.

With most high-end brands now available in India, all you need is an authentic retailer. Take a look at some of the finest luxury watches we could spot online at Ethos Watch Boutiques.

1. Formal Flair

There are oftentimes when work requires you to dress up zippy. A luncheon or an official outing – they call for semi-formal apparels. In such cases, a watch can make all the difference. A little gold and silver can work wonders to dull and drab – zinging the blue and the black. Tissot watches make sure to add this colour by its peppy yet formal designs, both for men and women.

For women:

Tissot T Lady Flamingo, Model: T094.

With a delicate pattern as a watermark on the dial, it speaks a lot in a subtle way. Interwoven by rose-gold and silver metal, this model is a beauty. The gleam is such it takes the attention of every eye that looks at it, and the colour is exceedingly luminous.
Wear this to a work lunch or dinner, and watch how the zing speaks for you.

For men:

Tissot T Classic Traditional Gent, Model: T063.610.36.038.00

Men have a fixed ensemble. A formidable pair of trousers with patterned shirt. A leather strapped watch usually completes that look. It is time to step out of this self-created box and play with the extraordinary. Tissot T Classic Traditional Gent has a beautiful pattern made in the centre of the dial, making it exquisite and unusual. The leather straps hooked to the rose-gold frame just adds more glory to the glorious.

2. Casual brunch

With the plethora of fruits and fancy food in the market today, brunches are always a lavish spread. The mesmerising line of syrups and breads, along with innovative salads and scrumptious dishes can take your breath away. How then, can one take brunches for granted? They have, after become a celebration of not just food, but also style. And it is only apt that we stay ahead of our game at all times. Don’t you worry fellow brunchers, Hubolt watches have your backs!

For women:

Hubolt Bing Bang, Model: 361.PE.2010.RW.1104

Surrounded by a soft gold and white strap, Hubolt Big Bang is a sight to behold. Worn with casual shirt and jeans, it can spruce up the outfit to no extent. Next time you go for a brunch wearing that, no one will be looking at the food on their plates!

For men:

Hubolt Classic Fusion, Model: 521.NX.7170.LR

The blue does not only jazz up an ordinary apparel, but it also draws attention to itself. Beauty, with the right elements of sophistication will not just take care of your brunch, but a lot of others things that happen in the brunch.

3. Festivities

There is bling, and then there is the concept of Indian weddings. Celebrated with utmost pomp and show, Indian weddings are a milestone in everyone’s lives. Sometimes, even in the lives of the guests invited. That is how big and grand the scale is. How can one then afford to be under-dressed in such events? Omega watches, known for their grandeur has come up with just the right answers,

For women:

Omega Constellation, Model:

With a golden dial and studs in the place of digits, this model takes the cake away when it comes to opulence and magnificence. With patterned steel straps, it is the perfect set to wear with your outfit for the day.

For men:

Omega De Ville Prestige, Model: 424.

It is important to look classy, always, and that is why the right watch is of utmost importance. This one here won’t let you down. The make is such, you will in love instantly.

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