When we talk about using air coolers in summers, the first thing that comes to our mind is the air cooler price in India, which is one of the main reasons why they are used. There are a lot of people who cannot afford to buy air conditioners and then pay for the installation and the running cost as well. In such a scenario an air cooler is the best option. What can be considered as the greatest advantage of using an air cooler is not its low cost but the health benefits it provides, unlike air conditioners.

Using air conditioners has become more of norm, although it is a necessity as well, people often switch to air conditioners simply because everyone else seems to be doing that. However, what many people ignore, are the health benefits of using an air cooler. Air cooler price in India are certainly lower than the prices of air conditioners, however its health benefits are a lot higher. The cooling effect of an air cooler might not be as powerful and relaxing as that of an AC, but it won’t make you feel as lazy and tired as an AC does. Read on to know the health benefits of an air cooler.

  1. Environmental Benefits – Do you know what the cause of the increasing global temperature is? Do you know what Global Warming is? Do you know what is causing the global warming? The answers to all these questions are related. The cause of increasing temperatures is global warming, and the cause of global warming is increasing use of refrigerators and air conditioners. They release the harmful CFCs (Chloro Flouro Carbons) which lead to the depletion of ozone layer that is protecting the Earth from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

Air coolers do not release any such kind of chemicals that can cause any harm to the environment. Therefore we should make more use of air coolers, and take advantage of the low air cooler price in India.

  1. Retains Moisture – When you make use of air conditioners for long, you will feel your skin getting dry and stretched, this happens because air conditioners tackle away all the moisture in the air, thus dehumidifying it. They even go to the extent of sucking the moisture from your skin. Air coolers do not act on the humidity, thus the amount of moisture does not change. This is another reason why you should look forward to Air cooler price in India.

Although in extreme summers, when the humidity is on an all time high, you might want to make use of air conditioners, but during non – humid months, air coolers can provide as much relief.

  1. Easy Installation – Installing an air cooler is much easier than installing an air conditioner. When you purchase an air cooler price in India, all you need to do is; assemble the parts and it is ready. Unlike in an air conditioner, here you do not have to take out the window grill, or make drills in the wall for placing it. Once you have assembled all the parts, you can simply place it on your window or inside the house, depending on whether it is a dessert cooler or a personal cooler. This easy installation of air coolers will prevent you from indulging in any kind of back breaking labor, and will also save time.

One of the greatest disadvantage of these air coolers is that they consume too much of water, and require constant refilling during summers.

Verdict – There is no comparison between the cooling of an air conditioner and an air cooler. This is an area where the air conditioner will always have an upper hand. However this is true because it not only uses advanced technology, but is also a lot more expensive. Air cooler price in India is not only affordable, but also portable at times. There are a lot of congested places, where it is not possible to place an air conditioner, be it split or window, for all such places, an air cooler comes handy. Thus, along with health benefits, it also offers ease of use, is budget friendly, and can also be moved from one location to another.

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