Recent developments in technology and the increased volume in regular usage of data evolved at a need of securing this data from all kinds of external and internal threats. Organizations feel that this sensitive information can be potentially at risk. According to the recent study, it was observed that only 12% of IT and security staff were aware of the risks to their structured data. The continuous growth of critical data along with the risks across the data stores and cloud facilitates the need for safeguarding the data assets. To achieve it, one must be well aware of location, growth, and usage of this critical data. By identifying the location and risk of sensitive data and leveraging at data intelligence analytics, enterprises can achieve data security and privacy obligations to customers, employees, and partners.

Informatica, at an enterprise level, is the tool of data management solutions. It has recently launched Secure@Source in India, during its World tour in Mumbai. It is observed to be industry’s first data security intelligence solution that provides analysis at an enterprise-wide level on sensitive data risk over complex heterogeneous platforms including cloud, big data, and traditional databases. Informatica’s Secure@Source automates discovery, alerting and monitoring of the sensitive data risks over the platforms of enterprise, cloud and big data. This solution empowers organizations to be proactive and helps in standardizing the data risks across the groups and departments. It even tracks data risk over the time to audit and prioritize security controls and investments. The R&D base in India is highly equipped with local customer requirements and the introduction of Secure@Source will only just empower enterprises in prioritizing data protection, security resources, and security investments.

  • Secure@Source is the prime data security software that effectively addresses the security challenges that evolve due to massive enterprise growth beyond the firewall to public and other cloud services, mobile devices and other resource platforms.
  • Secure@Source deliver data security intelligence that meets access into sensitive data risks and enables businesses to lessen them.
  • Secure@Source intensifies traditional network and security of host-based by exploring sensitive data so that security is applied to check data theft from external and internal sources.
  • Secure@Source delivers insights into enterprise data risk which otherwise cannot be derived from the other solutions.

Secure@Source identifies and locates sensitive and private data.

  • 360-degree visibility – Enterprises of all levels can now maximize the investments on security by executing a 360-degree view. Sensitive and private data can be automated by analyzing the value across fields and metadata in the related resources. It goes through the risks to prioritize and monitor data security investments, policies and actions accordingly.
  • Sensitive data policies – Enterprises can cleverly discover and determine data with the similar context.
  • Growth of Sensitive Data – Insight into movement and replication of sensitive data to other data stores within the organization.
  • Analysis of Risk – Level of risk is determined by analyzing user action, location, classification, and proliferation.
  • Dashboards and other visualizations – Delivers array of dashboards that enable visibility to sensitive data risks and relations.
  • Integration of Infrastructure – Unites security solutions for both data privacy and risk analysis.

Bottom Line…

Informatica training helps IT people how to implement security features that comes with Informatica Software. Keeping data safe in the age of Data Breaches and Global Privacy is the foremost task in front of every IT enterprise. The invention of Secure@Source leads to much-needed data-centric approach towards the information security by enabling organizations to identify and visualize sensitive data, no matter where it resides, either inside or outside the corporate perimeter. Sensitive data proliferation analysis is all about understanding where sensitive information is created in the databases and how it is proliferated to other data sources for the final usage into cloud services and mobile apps. With the focus on this visualization, organizations can now improve data breach resiliency and achieve global privacy.