Due to advancement in mobile technology, people are trading their old mobiles for new models. Not all sellers offer upgrades for buyers and hence, people start scouting for various avenues to sell their mobiles online. People want to make money and at the same time dispose their old model phones. So, the questions arise as to where be the best place to sell your phone online. How people sell their phones depends on many factors. For instance, the demand for a particular model or brand, the device type, and also the condition of the device are of utmost importance. Apple always releases new models and the old models usually lose their value. Stores which deal in phones and also convenience stores are not the best places to trade your phone. You might end up getting a low quote for your phone. Android phones face the tough competition in terms of sales. Features are really important and the versions of Android phones are constantly updated. For example, ice cream sandwich, kit kat etc. Smartphone market is always changing and one has to catch up with the latest trends and follow a few blogs in order to get a snapshot of the latest advancements in technology.

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Another important factor to sell your phone online is to research a bit on the internet. There are many sites offering to buy phones, but not every site can be trustworthy. However, there are some reliable sites like http://www.sellmyphone.co.uk, where the seller has the option of actually figuring it out beforehand and determine the exact price he is going to get for his phone. If one has taken good care of the mobile and it has fewer visible scratches on it, there is a possibility of getting a higher quote. Price is always related to the age of the phone; hence it is advisable to dispose of older models of mobiles sooner or later. Two years is the maximum that a phone can have intrinsic value as most warranties expire after this period. That means, it is better to sell your mobile before the warranty expires in order to get a good bargain. Occasionally there are extended warranties for some mobiles. Selecting the right place to sell your mobile is very important. Some dealers offer online quotations and also offer to provide free shipping. The seller can save on time and money also. Some sites offer you the facility of online auctions. An example of this is ebay. Here the seller can offer his quote and then wait for the prospective buyer to contact him. However, this process can consume a lot of time. There is also a probability of getting low quotes online. Also the pick up   and delivery process can be cumbersome. Also one has to endure the list of unwanted calls and enquiries over the phone and the privacy is obviously lost. Sometimes social media sites like Facebook and twitter can also be used as a platform to sell your phone online. Here too the privacy factor counts as everyone in your friends list knows what you are selling and buying. Based on the above factors, it is advisable to go for online selling.