Experts in the field of business and commerce say that young individuals entering the workforce want to have an extremely fulfilling experience when they start their careers. Generation Y as these people prefer to call themselves want their working lives to be an extension of their personal ones. In many cases, remuneration and other monetary benefits are still important factors that they consider when it comes to choosing the right job. However, they also consider a working environment where they put their creativity to good use, gives them greater responsibility, ownership and feel of being a part of team as essential attributes. An effective crowdsourcing platform that enhances employee engagement can help organization achieve such objectives.

These professionals go on to explain that in the context of employee engagement implementing such a platform enable businesses organization of various sizes to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Valuable feedback from employees

Most business organizations recognize that the members of their workforce can provides valuable insights into the changing trends of their customers in the marketplace especially those in sales. These employees can act as a catalyst in bridging the communication gap between these establishment and their external stakeholders. They are the most reliable spokespersons for the brands these businesses introduce in such an environment.

  1. Digital experience

Companies are starting to realize that members of their workforce belong to Generation Y are proficient in various digital platforms that these organization rely on to launch their marketing campaign. These employees take transparency and various forms of social media platforms for granted unlike their older peers. They want their experience in the workplace to increase this kind of digital involvement in their lives. An effective crowdsource platform helps such organizations looking to hire the right manpower to accomplish this essential goal.

  1. Idea generation

Businesses who want to gain the competitive edge may be losing out on the contribution of their ingenious employees if they do not create a platform for sharing ideas when it comes to solving critical issues. Some of these organizations go to the extent of setting independent teams to look at issues relating to their operating activities from different angles and comes up with feasible solutions.

  1. Responsibility, recognition and ownership

Unlike previous generation, young people entering the work force want offer their valuable contributions to the ideas that concern them when they join a business organization as employees. Moreover, they also feel that they should due recognition when their suggestions become groundbreaking business innovations.This is the reason why many businesses are including these individuals in social responsibility schemes for the public and promoting them as brand ambassadors.

  1. Training

Such a platform enables business organizations exploit viable opportunities in providing better training to such employees, avenues where they can advance in their careers and retention. In the long-run, these organizations can make huge savings in manpower, enhance their reputation in the market and be able to employ the most creative individuals.

The above advantages go to show that an effective crowdsource platform can help businesses attract the individuals with exceptional talent within their organizations. In the long-run, they can prove to be a valuable asset to these organizations.

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