The activity of downloading mobile apps was estimated to be 22 billion downloads in 2011. The number became 40.6 billion in 2012, and this year; the significant increase has touched 73.3 billion downloads. Nonetheless, it is believed that free downloads will reach 287 billion by the end of 2016. Paid downloads on the other hand will reach to 21 billion by 2016 end.

Mobile app users prefer to download apps which are free then spending on the paid ones. This is the major reason why developer’s make their apps free for downloads. Through this article we want you understand the “truth about app development” and the common myths that you have been working around with.

How Can You Sell Mobile Apps in a Crowded Market – As app developers you should be aware of the misconceptions along with the competition. The challenge of course is to create enough apps to outshine the already crowded market, but following myths can be simply be drastic. We have seen how VeztekUSA is providing strategies and guidelines for dealing with competitions-here’s what we picked out from their strategy of “what to believe and what not to be believe for Mobile App development”. Please read below:

Common Myths about Mobile App Development Program:

Some of the major and most commonly followed myths are as follows

  • Believe you Gut Instincts– You come up with an idea for mobile app development and believe that is what your customers demand and they will patronize the product. Well, your gut instincts are not enough, especially when we talk about mobile app market. You have to go out of your way and talk to your customers. Do a research on the target market and find out what is needed. You have to be thorough in reading comments and feedbacks of people to know what exactly they want. Your customers in app world are more specific for your interest then your own instincts. It is more target oriented development then gut-instinct.
  • The App has to be Grand– Huge market, enormous crowd, and high demands-the app has to be outstanding as well. But remember, here the targeted crowd is efficiency and content driven then aesthetic linked. They will be downloading apps because they will need it, and it’s not because it will appear beautiful-but because it will appear useful. Develop a product which is simple but effective. Avoid unnecessary art and design on your app for a grandiose appearance, rather present it with a buzz and noise but without it seeking attention.
  • Grandiose Presentation does Not Matter– Presentation of an app in the form of art and design is not important. You do need the correct packaging of your app which of course is indirect relation with the target market. Everything about your app should have a reason, for example the color, font, and graphics if the app is a game app.
  • After App development, Job is Done– No! Even when the app has been developed, the job does not end there. How the app is performing is your concern. You have to develop feedback mechanisms where feedbacks from the ones who have downloaded the app can let you do the analysis of your app. The feedbacks play a very important role in analyzing your work and for future developments as well.
  • Your App will take time in becoming Number One– Work needs appreciation and anyone developing an app would be anxious in getting the results as soon as possible. You do need to understand that your app will be launched in a market which is already white hot. You will learn everything slowly and gradually. Take your time and stay persistent.

How Can you Find Success?

App marketing will not be easy in these days as the app world is on boom. Your creation should not only focus on developing an idea along with an app but should also emphasize on making your innovation creative. There are apps which have never been downloaded once and get removed from the market. The challenge of course lies in knowing every aspect of the process until you have mastered in creating strategies for marketing your app. Keep your research going from day to day basis and stay in touch with the people who have downloaded your app.