Italy is a cradle of European civilization and world popular leader of fashion. This is not the end. The country is famous of its thermal bathes. You can find such popular and world-famous resort places as Abano Terme, Montecatini Terme, Fiuggi or Ischia. You can also find such small but charming pearls as Saturnia, Bango Vignoni. The most of them are situated in the mountains. The others are located at the seaside. Thermal sources make Italy a real paradise for everyone, who cares of skin and body.


What is SPA?

SPA is a complex of procedures with the use of sea, thermal, mineral or fresh water, on your choice, sea plants and therapeutic muds. The aim of SPA therapy is making peace in your soul, body and spirit. In addition to this, SPA programs include fitness-programs, dieting programs, regeneration and skin resurfacing programs. In short, SPA means all places where the water treatment is available. The best visiting SPA complexes are situated in Asian countries. They are highly popular. Nevertheless, the choice is wide. You can easily find worthy alternative.

The modern thermal resorts of Italy have all necessary for your comfortable and effective treatment: national cuisine, rich nature, well-developed infrastructure, hotels, shopping centers, SPA centers. The list of procedures is wide, including mud therapy, balneotherapy, massage, natural thermal bathing. All Italian resorts boast with soft climate, mountain landscapes. They are mostly situated not far from the ancient Italian cities. This is a great opportunity to combine active beach holidays with resort treatment.

Bagni di Pisa Terme

It is important to start with the five stars hotel that is located 6 kilometers far from Pisa in a little cozy city San Giuliano Terme. This city is famous of its curative thermal sources. The treatment complex includes outdoor swimming pool full of thermal water, Jacuzzi, steam baths, massage cabinets (traditional Japanese massage, lymph drainage), Vichy shower, hammam, mud therapy cabinets and sauna. What diseases can you treat here? As a rule, the treatment procedures are used for skin and supporting-motor apparatus problems.

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Grande Albergo Mezzatorre

The second worthy hotel is Grande Albergo Mezzatorre. It is located in an island Ischia. Of course, the island in mostly famous of its SPA center Mezzatorre Resort, offering thermal therapy services. The hotel infrastructure includes four indoor swimming pools, hammam and sauna. The most popular treating programs are mud therapy that is based on lava unique characteristics, laser therapy, ozone therapy, different massages and cosmetic programs for face and body care.

Masseria San Domenico

The next SPA hotel is Masseria San Domenico. It is located on the picturesque bank of Adriatic Sea, surrounded by the olive groves and fruit gardens. The hotel has a big SPA and Thalassotherapy Center. The experienced specialists are ready to offer a wide range of treating, restoring, rejuvenating, antistress procedures and programs, based on salty water and sea plants. All procedures include professional preparations of Sweden cosmetic line La Prairie. The most visiting procedures are massages (Ayurveda, hot water massage, and sea plants), baths, reflex therapy, aqua stretching, aromatherapy.

Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort

The next popular hotel is Natural Spa Resort that is situated in San Casciano dei Bagni. This city is famous of its 43 thermal sources (the water temperature is 43 degrees above, rich in sulfates, calcium, fluorine). The hotel SPA center was awarded many times, assigned with its unique international programs, offering clients massage, aqua gymnastics, antistress, 7 thermal swimming pools (big open air pool is connected with many small indoor pools, Bioaquam pool, sport swimming pool, exclusive swimming pool for the hotel gusts, balneotherapeutic pool and special pool for pets), hammam, sauna and 24 procedure cabinets, equipped with the modern equipment.

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Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort

The next popular SPA hotel that is worth mentioning is Grotta Giusti, situated in the very center of Toscana, Monsummano Terme. The hotel boasts with a huge SPA center, equipped with the outdoor swimming pool, waterfall and Jacuzzi. You can also use aesthetic services in cosmetology center, fitness center, sauna and natural rocky cave – Grotta Giusti with the hot thermal lake inside. The center is famous of its unique procedures in musical therapy, mud therapy, masks and massages. This is the best place to relax!

Grand Hotel Delle Terme

The city Sciacca is located close to San Calogero Mountains that is famous of its thermal water. It is said that thermal water were actively used by ancient Romans and Arabians as the best remedy for anti-aging and recovery therapy. There is a big bath on the top of a mountain. It is about 60 degrees above. You can find a swimming pool to spend some time there. The city welcomes you with interesting SPA and wellness programs. The most popular place to live here is Grand Hotel. This SPA hotel is situated 500 meters far from the historical city center.

The hotel boasts with a big green thermal park (more than 20 000 square meters). The park is opened the year around. You may use thermal procedures, swimming pool with cooling thermal water, sulfurated hydrogen bath, solarium. In short, this is a high-class thermal SPA. The indoor part of a swimming pool is functioning the year around. The hotel has restaurant, bar, events hall, conference center. You can also use playground for kids and amphitheater for 500 seats. You can easily listen to music and different performances there.

As you can see, holidays in Sciacca gives you a great chance to combine pleasant beach holiday and treatment. Of course, Sciacca is the most popular SPA hotel in Sicilia. You can hire a car in Catania and drive along the island to Sciacca. This is your chance to learn Sicilian SPA traditions on the go.

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Italy is famous of its SPA resorts. This is the territory with the great amount of thermal sources. The most of Italian SPA are popular all over the world. Each of them is unique in treatment, massage therapy, cosmetology procedures. It is impossible to tell about all worthy SPA hotels in this article. You have read about TOP popular of them. You can easily add one or two interesting SPA hotel to this list, based on your own experience.

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