The PCO, or Public Carriage Office, runs exceptionally strict regulations in regards to cab drivers, chauffeur driven vehicles, and courier companies inside the city of London. To reduce emissions released in the city centre on any one day, you are required to own a PCO license and drive a car capable of meeting a range of highly specific specifications set down by the PCO. No matter if you plan to develop your own private taxi company for the city or to be hired by an existing company, the benefit of car hire is that you need not purchase a new car outright to get started making money from your new career option.

No Purchase

Although you do need to make payments as per the hire agreement, PCO vehicle hire in London will grant you access to a wide range of options already within PCO standards, so you need not worry about being rejected. Not only this, but you also do not have to make the huge investment of purchasing a new car outright, but will rather be able to save that money in lieu of a hiring service available at a much more cost-effective price. You will receive peace of mind knowing you are in great hands and have a car you can trust from the start, especially when you consider the cost of any repairs or comprehensive insurance for the car if you purchased it outright.


Vehicle hire for PCO drivers is also highly beneficial because you have the option of choosing very young vehicles, such as those made available just last year, which may not be possible with your budget for buying a car. The result will be that you have access to all of the latest technology in both safety and convenience, which will allow you to provide more personalised service to those you chauffeur and increase your profits on average. The newer your vehicle, the higher the safety rating will also be, which this is exceptionally important since you are a driver with the responsibility of getting his or her passengers to their destination without harm or mishap.


If you know you want to start your own business and plan to make the most of the low cost associated with hiring, you may expand your fleet without the large investment associated with purchase. Car hire for PCO is something you can easily use to expand your business across London so you can have more drivers and more income being brought to you from multiple sources, which is the key to building up your business for the extended future. Buying a vehicle outright is exceptionally costly, especially at the very beginning since you must make a down payment, pay the taxes on the vehicle, and the nearly always very high interest rates. No matter the way you plan on using the vehicle after the choice to hire, it is always better for you to do this rather than purchasing except in extremely rare and specific circumstances.

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