Everyone wants to have healthy eyes and good vision. Unfortunately, the technology explosion nowadays makes more and more people suffer from many eye diseases such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, pink eye, cataract, eye floater, dry eye, watery eye, glaucoma, and blindness. The possible reasons may be increased environment pollution, genetic factors, the habit of sitting in front of the computer for hours, or using the telephone at night, and unhealthy diet. It is not surprising when three out of ten secondary students are diagnosed with nearsightedness and have to wear glasses. In order to have a good vision and keep the eyes healthy, you should wear sunglasses before going out, get rid of bad habits, and build a regular eye exercise routine. Moreover, it is also important to have a healthy diet for your eyes.

7 Best Foods For Eye Health and Function

Best Foods For Eye Health And Function – Good Diet For Your Vision

Many researches show a close connection between food and eye health. Many evidence prove that essential minerals and vitamins in various foods will not only boost your body health but also protect your eye vision. According to Dr. Carr, a VSP network doctor as well as a professor at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, the best thing you can protect your eyes is eating a healthy diet with a variety of vegetables, and fruits, and low sugar or saturated fats. In addition to vitamins, minerals selenium, and zinc are effective in protecting the retina at the back of your eyes. Moreover, some healthy fatty acids will help to add the moisture in your eyes. Here are 7 best foods for eye health and function I would like to share with you in this article.

  1. Bell Peppers

Asking for the best foods for eye health, we should mention bell peppers. These colored bell peppers are loaded with nutrients, which can help to lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and prostate cancer. You just need to consume one cup of bell peppers per day in order to absorb vitamins (vitamin A and vitamin C) and increase the fiber intake.

  1. Dark Green And Leafy Vegetables

Dark green and leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are rich in vitamin C, zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene, which can act as a natural sunscreen for eyes to keep your eyes from UV rays. It is recommended adding spinach in your favorite salads with bell pepper and carrot.

  1. Carrot

Carrot is not only one of the good foods for eye health but also an ideal, healthy on-the-go snack. Actually, eating carrot-rich diet does not make you see better; however, it will help to protect your vision. This is because the carrot is filled with a lot of vitamin A, which is effective in lowering the impact of both age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Like the carrot, this bright-orange root vegetable is rich in beta-carotene. Beta carotene is good for eye health. You can make sweet potato fries by cutting a sweet potato into strips and roasting these strips in the oven with sufficient olive oil.

  1. Wild Salmon

If you want the best foods for eye health and function, you should consume wild salmon on the regular basis. Omega-3 fatty acid plays the important role in protecting tiny blood vessels in your eyes. Eating wild salmon is the good way to increase the omega-3 fatty acid intake.  You can broil the wild salmon for your dinner or serve it on your delicious salad.

  1. Turkey

We all know that turkey is the good source of protein. In addition to, turkey is rich in zinc and niacin, which lower the risk of developing cataracts.

  1. Chia Seeds

Want a healthy food which is good for your body and eye? Consume chia seeds. Chia seeds contain omega 3 fatty acid, calcium, and antioxidants. Moreover, chia seeds also provide you a lot of fiber.

Having a poor diet may impact on your vision negatively. You should protect your vision and keep your eyes healthy as well as prevent many eye-related diseases by including the best foods for eye health and function in your daily diet. I hope that you will find the useful information in this article. Thank you for reading.

Posted by Huyen My, a health and beauty expert at VKool and AllRemedies

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