A session border controller is an instrument which is used in VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) to control signals during communication. In the past, use of this service was limited, but due to the development in information technology, SBC is now engaged with other networks and between different users. All audio calls are controlled by the stream formed in the device and each signal is then transferred separately, all in one session. Borders show the line for each signal that can’t intermix with other information on the line, controllers control each session to be transferred separately, and information should be in the form of a proper set of signals.


Functions of a Session Border Controller:

A session border controller is a useful device and has many functions in the telecommunication field.

– It provides security to the data and enables transfer from one network to the other safely, and without interruption.

– It combines other networks and allows data transfer through them in a proper way.

– Traffic policing and resource allocations are the main uses of session border controller.

– This technique also helps in emergency situations.

– Its vital role is in media, where it performs the functions of media encoding, announcements and interworking.

How Session Border Controller Works?

These controllers are used in different calling paths for the transfer of packet data. They terminate the received call and then send it to the other client. They are installed to control the data properly and safely, through different transfer sources. Border controllers also separate the calls from other sources and networks. A proper sequence of calls is maintained, and each piece of data in the form of a packet is transferred successfully.

In some cases, there is no need for session border controllers. They are used for the encryption of audio data, but sometimes their function alters.Theyalso restrict the call end points and usually take a lot of time during communication.

Uses in Communication:

Big companies like Oracle, Juniper and Jasomi networks are offering router networks. Other, lesser knowncompaniesare also introducing themselves in the same field. These border controllers provide a demarcation sign between two calls and keep them on the same path. They are also introduced in emergency situations and in law enforcement.

Due to the invention of border controllers, it is very easy for the controllers tocontrol the data and manage it in a proper way. Routing and signaling is done more appropriatelybecause of the invention of these modern devices. Call data in the form of packets is sent from end to end without anyinterference. These packets of data are controlled by border controllers so that they can’t mix with other networks and calls.A seamless communication experience is gained, and it’s arelief to know that a person is calling safely and there is no interruption.

Simplification of the network edge and controlled multimedia sessions is done through the use ofsession border controllers to keep the data transfer smooth between two edges.

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