Yes, yoga is one of the most popular disciplines practised across the world and is suitable for you irrespective of your current physical fitness or age.  Most practices consist of a sequence of movements and postures which aim to bring benefits to your body and mind.  A qualified teacher will very carefully and slowly introduce you to the movements and postures in a manner which is appropriate for your condition and which will not cause any harm.

Am I Suitable For GENTLE YOGA Classes?

The main benefits to be gained from a regular yoga practice include the following: Builds Muscle Strength; Betters Your Bone Health; Gives You Better Sleep; Improves Your Blood Quality and Lowers Your Blood Pressure; Perfects Your Posture and Protects Your Spine; Prevents Cartilage and Joint Breakdown.

Beginners can start by attending GENTLE YOGA classes at Yoga Dublin Studios in Ranelagh – see for class and other details.

Is GENTLE YOGA for Young People Only?

No, yoga is for everyone, irrespective of their age, flexibility or physical fitness condition.  It is a very individual discipline and you just work with your own body and mind to do what your body and mind will allow – what anybody else is doing in the class is irrelevant – there is no competition in yoga.

Is GENTLE YOGA for the Physically Fit?

No, you don’t need any level of physical fitness to start yoga. With every movement and posture different people will engage with the movement and posture to different degrees – you just work with your own body and mind to engage to the degree that is appropriate to you.  Everyone has to start somewhere on their yoga journey.  Your teacher will start you off with a “light” version of each movement and posture and with time as your body and mind open, you can progress to the “medium” version and then on to the “full” version.  It is always important to “listen” to your body and mind, to manage the ego and not to push on too soon.

Is GENTLE YOGA only for Spiritual People?

No, yoga is a holistic package for happy living.  It provides techniques to unite the body, mind and breath, and to connect to the inner core of our being – the spiritual aspect of our lives.

The mind often oscillates between the past and the future, causing worry and anticipation.  Desires, fear, aversions can grip the mind.  To drop the conflicts in the mind, it is essential to bring the mind to the present moment.  Yoga cleanses the body and mind of accumulated stress and negative thoughts.  With regular practice of GENTLE YOGA movements and postures, you will see that clarity dawns right away, body balance and flexibility improves, and makes you healthy, strong and alert.

What’s more, the balance, flexibility, alertness that you achieve on your yoga mat, reflects in your actions and attitude off the yoga mat too.

Learning to breathe through difficult postures can help you to breathe through difficult times.

Stretching in the yoga poses to your limit, without comparing with another, can lead to an attitude to do your best in a situation and let go.  This attitude helps in overcoming stress.

Being physically flexible leads to mental flexibility.  At the same time, being mentally flexible (for example: “I can do attitude”) leads to physical flexibility.

To summarise, spirituality is all about living a happier life “in the moment”, responding to situations rather than reacting, de-programming and connecting with my Self to come with a fresh response to situations that repeat.  Yoga gives that.

The practice of yoga and meditation prove to be a powerful combination and it is good to incorporate meditation into your practice.  When the wobbling body becomes steadier and the disturbed mind becomes calmer, meditation can provide a deep sense of relaxation.

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