Many companies design their Web pages as if they had a lot of experience in Internet marketing and project leaders responsible for developing focus more on the design than the content of the site.

If we make a poll about whether your website is actively involved in promoting the products and services of your business, what would be your answer, you open marketing strategies that your company has implemented are effective or position would like many managers are of the opinion that investment in your website is losing money?

Web technologies have been serving businesses in Latin America for approximately eight years (NIC Mexico reports the first significant volume of 2,286 new registrations in 1996) and yet we have been unable, or simply did not want to, take advantage of these technologies benefit our business.

We believe that the failure of many Internet marketing campaigns is the actual methodology and strategies that have been implemented. The vast majority of businesses design their websites as if they had a great experience in Internet marketing. Project leaders generally define the contents and design rules of web pages based on previous experience in other types of marketing campaigns, regardless of the Web is a different medium with its own scope and limitations.

The most important actions and decisions of the project, including the bidding process and selection of suppliers, running as if all things were in place within the company. However, companies usually start developing your Web pages without well-defined objectives and in writing, the information is often incomplete, translations into other languages ??are not available and in many cases does not exist photography of products or installations.

Web Design Without Strategy

A common misconception is that Web pages are made without a marketing strategy involved. More than content, project leaders are focused on graphic design, without taking much into account the business objectives that the company pursues. In practice, many project leaders do not have sufficient knowledge about the fundamentals and key to success in an Internet marketing campaign factors.

If in your company there is a person who has successfully implemented at least one Internet marketing campaign, it would be advisable in this case, the services of a specialized agency to help you define and develop each of the elements of its program. There is nothing more dangerous for a marketing campaign, the combination of a company that thinks he knows everything about Web pages and a designer with little experience in business strategies that can hardly identify what is truly important to advise clients.

A Web page can be developed with relative ease, even if the designer does not have much experience. However, an effective marketing campaign Internet is a much more complex issue than simply integrate photographs and text within a document in HTML format. A Web project should be more like a project to develop a business plan for the creation of a brochure printed for the next industrial fair or exhibition.

Perhaps the failure of so many campaigns internet marketing is rather due to economic issues than a lack of knowledge about web design, since the Internet industry is rife with offers of web design at very low cost precisely because companies are not willing to invest a large sum in these campaigns.

Features Team

The team responsible for the development of the website is responsible for implementing the following activities:

1)      Studying business objectives.

2)      Assist in the definition of the marketing campaign.

3)      Establish appropriate content.

4)      Define the strategy regarding name, domain registration and hosting.

5)      Recommend strategies for managing email.

6)      Evaluate information to be published.

7)      Propose a unique graphic design for your company.

8)      Design and program the site.

9)      Assist in the preparation of documents.

10)   Propose techniques most suitable design according to the genre of the site.

11)   Handle literature in foreign languages.

12)   Implement best practices in web design.

13)   Place the site in major search engines.

14)   Propose actions to take to analyze traffic.

15)   Suggest the most effective ways to maximize site promotion strategies.

Platinum Web Media is a full-service digital marketing agency and has helped many businesses by creating a highly converting and optimized website. Our team of website designers in Adelaide has a lot of experience in creating high quality websites.

Many executives and entrepreneurs still think that for under a thousand dollars can get all this, when in fact an effective marketing campaign costs much more than that level of investment. Simply compare costs against other advertising media campaigns as yellow pages, newspapers and magazines, which do not have the global reach that the websites offer.

If all the information within your company is in full working order and your company has some previous experience in web design that allows it to be self-sufficient in the definition of strategies, then you probably will not need anything more than engage the services of a web designer. However, most companies do not meet these conditions and do require comprehensive consulting services to define, develop, implement and evaluate their online marketing campaign.

Good advice for managers and entrepreneurs who want to get good results: adjust your budget to reality.