Diesel engines are now taking over the automobile industry and now it is imperative for many businesses to possess a good quality diesel engine for transport and it is also important to go for regular maintenance sessions to get a longer life out of it. It will lower your total expenditure on fuel and will keep your vehicle running and healthy with proper maintenance. Although, it does not require thorough care as gasoline engines but the chances of your diesel engine turning out dead due to lack of regular check-ups is more compared to gasoline ones.

Maintaining Your Diesel Engine Efficiently Will Offer Benefits In The Long Run

Advantages of a Diesel Engine:

Using a diesel engine is much more profitable to new-age drivers because of the many perks that they offer. Diesel engines with the latest technology has crossed the earlier boundaries and reduced high noise emissions and maintenance costs. Quieter and with a handy manual for the owner himself to work on it, it has evolved to be more durable than gas engines. As more rugged terrain becomes navigable, trucks have to cover large distances on very tough roads. Diesel engines have proved to be more reliable on such rugged terrain. The fuel has auto-ignition properties so that there is no need for spark plugs. As spark plugs earlier took up a major chunk of maintenance money, now the cost is lowered. The cost of fuel for diesel engines is significantly lower (about 30-50%) than gas engines. It offers much better mileage. Let us say, we have an 1800 rpm diesel unit (water-cooled) and it operates for 12K to 13K hours before it needs maintenance. However, if we have an 1800 rpm gas engine then it will operate for about 600 to 10K hours before breaking down. Compared to diesel units, gas units take up much fuel and thus the ignition is greater so they burn more furiously. It leads to wearing out in the short run.

A Checklist for Diesel Engine Repair:

  • You will need to check the oil filter very carefully as carbon and sulphur residue are prone to be created over there as the fuel is not completely burned sometimes. Installing a good filter and changing it frequently will give you good value for money in the long run. You can also pour in a bottle of diesel treatment fluid to avoid the mixing of corrosive particles in the diesel.
  • Glow plug is a very important part of diesel engine repair. A diesel engine gets ignited due to the heat compressed within it. But oftentimes what happens is that it is not possible to produce enough heat for the engine to spring to life. This is the reasons why glow plugs are installed which are required to heat the cylinder first and foremost and then get the engine started. Thus, glow plugs are a critical area to look into if you possess a diesel engine and in winter season they require special care.
  • If you had previously owned a gas engine then you must know that you can give it some time to cool down if it gets too hot and then move on in your way. But if the same overheating happens with your new diesel engine then it is damaged and probably cannot be repaired. You can install audio or visual devices on your dash panel which will warn you of any possible malfunctions and prevent overheating.
  • Check for leaks frequently as they can lead to an engine breakdown very fast. Gasket maintenance is of high value here as it comes under a lot of pressure while working in severe conditions. Mounting bolts are supposed to be under check as well.

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