A crime thriller from Hollywood never lets the viewer done on the suspense and excitement quotient. You know for sure that you will leave the auditorium all exhilarated and excited having enjoyed the roller coaster ride while watching the movie. One of the upcoming movies that seem to be promising on all these quotients is called Widows.  The story explores the life of a group of women who become widows after their criminal husbands are killed on a heist theft attempt. The job left incomplete is then undertaken by these four women who meet and plan up to finish the task. This upcoming movie is based on a 1983 American TV series of the same name. It is scheduled to be released in the US in November 2018 and soon after in India.

People with the insatiable thirst for crime based novels and movies should certainly not miss this one. It promises to be full of all things that make life exciting with elements of darkness, crime, greed and revenge intricately woven into the script. Make sure to get your tickets for this upcoming movie on time. Though there is still some time for it to feature on the big screen, but by using your smartphone and smart technology you can sit comfortably at your home or office or any other place and pre-book the tickets. It is just a matter of few minutes and your tickets for the show of your liking will be in your hands – the electronic ticket at least.

Simply download one of the entertainment platforms that enable online movie ticket booking reseller’s App and you are all set to go. While downloading make sure that you choose the right reseller – it is good to verify the reliability of the platform by speaking to your friends and family; also try and read reviews of the online reseller that past and present customers have to say about its service and features; read through expert advises online to understand the top e-ticket resellers in the country at the moment. Another way is to look out for ads and other PR messages that the resellers keep broadcasting on television and other digital medium and also newspapers etc. By the end of the exercise you will be pretty confident of the trustworthiness and performance factors of the particular reseller. Some of the topmost online retailers in the country presently are – Paytm, PhonePe and MobiKwik.

Once the e-ticket has been booked – remember it can be booked only when a particular hall opens its system to accept advance booking, so keep a lookout for notifications to the same effect from the retailer – you have the option of collecting the ticket in person from the booking counter of the hall. In order to obtain the ticket, you would be required to show the credit/debit card that was used for booking, a government Identity proof and printout of the e-ticket or confirmation message that is sent to your registered email id and phone number after payments are done.