Many women are affected by menstrual imbalance, which results in fibroids, uterine cysts, irregular circles, lack of periods, severe PMS and painful periods. There are certainly some preventive measures that we need to take, so it is possible for use to enjoy the much smoother period. It is recommended to perform lifestyle changes if women experience problems with their menstrual cycles. Periods are a reminder of the amazing capability to reproduce and it is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. First of all, it is important for us to keep track of our own cycle. We could mark our calendar to predict our menstrual cycle, based on historical data. The first day bleeding begins should be considered the start of our period.

What To Do If We Have Menstrual Imbalance

Women who keep track of their cycle will be better connected to their natural hormonal shifts. It would be much easier to determine the number of days between each cycle. We would know when an ovulation will occur and what we should do to prepare ourselves for the upcoming cycle. Unfortunately, some women experience more severe symptoms, such as emotional sensitivity, fatigue and lower abdominal cramping. We should be able to know what to expect by tracking our cycle. Pre-menstrual symptoms may include weepiness, sadness, depression, irritability, anxiety and anger. Physical symptoms could be insomnia, food cravings, headaches, mild cramping, bloating and breast tenderness. This situation shouldn’t be considered as “business as usual” It is actually an opportunity to tune into our body improve our condition.

This should be a good time to slow down and we could try to be gentler with ourselves. It is a good idea to cancel regular commitments and appointments. In general, we should have more time for rest, although it means adjusting our schedule. Women with irregular menstrual cycle should consider pampering themselves by getting more sleep and taking warm baths. A week before period, women could schedule a relaxing message to prepare themselves. Some women will have muscle tightness before period, so good message sessions should be very helpful. It is a good idea to get ourselves occupied with creative activities and positive hobbies during the period. We could dance, sing, write, paint, draw and do other constructive things.

Many traditional medicines, always warn us against cold. In this case, cold could slow down blood circulation and contracts muscles. Women with menstrual problem should have proper warmth and avoid exposure to damp and cold environments. They could keep themselves bundled up and it is also important to avoid eating cold foods, such as frozen fruit smoothies, ice cream and any ice cold drinks. Raw vegetables are considered as cold, so it is a good idea for women with menstrual problems to choose steamed veggies instead. It is also a bad idea to eat dairy products such as cottage cheese and yogurt straight from fridge. Most foods should be warmed up to room temperature. Women should also avoid making themselves too tired and performing heavy physical activity.

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