Skin care for Asian women is designed to smooth the skin and even out the complexion. Night creams, in particular, can assist in soothing and enhancing the skin so it appears flawless. When choosing a product, a woman often asks what type of skin enhancer is best for her facially. Does she want a product that lightens, brightens or whitens?

Flawless Skin Can Be Yours With The Right Ingredients

Whitening Creams:

Whitening products are the best choice if your skin features discoloration, brown spots or heavy scarring from acne. Hyperpigmentation can also be offset by a whitening cream.

Brightening Products:

Brightening lotions or creams are used when you suffer from light acne scarring, or if dull skin is an issue. Superficial dullness is often caused by environmental residue or outside pollution.

Lightening Creams:

Lightening creams are the best choice if your skin has a light amount of discoloration or light hyperpigmentation. This type of product enhances a very dull skin tone. A product that will work on many women’s skins, including Asian women, should contain a large quantity of natural ingredients. By using natural ingredients, a woman can improve her overall appearance without relying on damaging chemicals.

Some Choice Ingredients:

One of the ingredients to seek in a lightening, whitening or brightening skin care product is hyaluronic acid complex. Asian ladies love this skin whitening night cream ingredient as it envelopes the skin in a kind of intense moisture bath. As a result, the skin looks more transparent after using cream with this ingredient. Another welcome ingredient in a night cream is Indian Kino. This ingredient supports nighttime cell regeneration so the dead skin cells that dull a woman’s complexion are removed.

Lemon extract is another highly touted skincare ingredient. Not only does the extract exfoliate the skin, but it also evens out the complexion so it looks virtually flawless in effect. Extracts of alchemila and spergularia slow down hyperpigmentation, thereby making the complexion clearer and even. An extract of ginkgo biloba maintains microcirculation, which imbues the skin with the glow of health.

You want the skin care product you use at night to contain the above ingredients and to protect you from the effects of harmful UV rays. A brightening cream, for instance, should slow down the production of melanin during the night and utilize a draining action that ensures the facial area looks rested and smooth. Raspberry or alchemila extracts, as well as vitamin C, can all counteract the impact of daytime stress, thereby reducing the look of freckles, discolorations, and dark spots. The whole idea is to make the skin look smoother and more radiant.

When applying a whitening, brightening or lightening cream, make sure to apply the moisturizer thoroughly to your face and neck after you get done cleansing your skin. Progressively move the flat of the hand from the mid part of the face to the sides. Lightly press the face with the hands to encourage absorption of the cream without stretching the delicate tissues. Always apply such a cream in the evening before going to bed to achieve the best results.

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