Electronic cigarettes have experienced a rapid rise in popularity in recent years. There is hardly a mall in the city that does not offer some sort of boutique e-liquid range or starter kit for those wishing to join the growing ranks of vapers. Though there are many young people who take it up as part of their social interactions, there are also many smokers who are exploring it as a way to give up the habit of traditional cigarette smoking.

The Popularity and Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

How Are Electronic Cigarettes Better?

Though relatively new compared to traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products, electronic cigarettes offer the following benefits:

  • Healthier: While some studies are still being compiled, initial evidence concludes that the vapour from electronic cigarettes is certainly much less unhealthy than the tar-filled smoke from traditional cigarettes. The vapour itself is composed mainly of distilled water, flavouring, and a natural glycerine-based suspension. By contrast, the smoke from traditional cigarettes is thick and full of carcinogenic chemicals that damage the lung lining over time.
  • Not as smelly: One thing that people notice almost immediately about electronic cigarettes is that the vapour is nowhere near as smelly as the clouds of smoke from traditional cigarettes. The vapour is thin and dissipates quickly in the air. Traditional cigarette smoke clings to things and gets into fabric and furniture, making for a foul and lingering odour that can last for many years. The other thing to consider too is that the range of e-liquid in Australia covers just about every flavour imaginable, including but not limited to vanilla, wild berry, menthol, classic flavours, and everything in between!
  • More affordable: The truth is that traditional cigarettes and tobacco products have risen drastically in price over the past few decades. Traditional smoking is a very expensive weekly habit that can literally drain finances and make paying the rent or mortgage more difficult than it has to be. By contrast, one can buy a simple electronic cigarette starter kit and a few e-liquids and enjoy harm-free vapour for a long time before needing an e-liquid refill! Not only this, but the only ongoing cost is the trickle charge to the lithium batteries that power most electronic cigarettes.
  • More socially acceptable: How many establishments do you know that allow traditional cigarette smoking? Even smoking on the street is considered bad form and can really offend or annoy people. Given that the vapour from electronic cigarettes dissipates quickly, is thinner, and is more pleasant, it is certainly more socially acceptable.

Giving Up Tobacco for Good

Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of electronic cigarettes is that they can really help a cigarette smoker give up their habit for good. By replacing traditional cigarettes with an electronic cigarette and adding some nicotine in reduced doses over time, it is possible to kick a tobacco habit for good! Add to this the fact that electronic cigarettes are much cheaper and they smell better, and it seems as though they really will be the next big thing.

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