Shoes are necessary things to wear apart from clothing for every person. The feet of human is quite soft, particularly the soles as it is the part that touches the ground when a person walks or stands. People can walk barefoot in their homes where the floor is even and clean, but outside a person has to wear shoes to protect the feet and the surface of the roads is not smooth and clean. Footwear is a term that includes all the different types of shoes that both men and women buy and wear. Shoes are worn to prevent injuries and allergies in the feet, provide comfort when a person is walking, to complement the dress a person is wearing, and also as a fashion symbol. However, there is a distinct difference between men shoes and women shoes.

The shoes worn by women are wider in the forefoot and toe area and narrow in the heel as compared to shoes worn by men which are usually wider and large. The women weigh 15% less than men, which is why the most soles of their shoes are delicate and soft as compared to hard soles of men shoes due to impact and weigh of a body. The women shoes have more variety due to embellishments and modern design. Women love to exude a certain type of personality through the choices they make, whether it is extravagant dresses, expensive jewelry, or fashionable shoes. There is a wide range of different shoes that women can buy and wear according to their choice, needs, and amount of money they can spend. Women have numerous options when it comes to buying shoes; women can go to footwear stores and select a particular pair of shoe. The popular types of shoes that women love to own and wear include flats, sandals, heels, trainers, ballets, strap shoes, wedges, lace-ups, pumps, boots, canvas shoes, peep toes, Wellington boots, and brogues. The women who are looking for exquisite designs in shoes apart from the ones available in local stores mostly can get their wishes fulfilled through designer shoes. The trend of women’s designer shoes has always been popular as women get to buy stylish shoes which they can wear in special events and occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, social gatherings, corporate dinners, or just a dinner with friends.

The designers who are famous worldwide in making trendy and fashionable clothes for women include Chanel, Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Manolo Blahnik, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent. Valentino and Christian Dior. The designer shoes are quite different mostly due to their price, and several distinctive style elements which are not commonly found in regular shoes available in the footwear stores.

The designer and their team spend several hours making the right details on the design of the shoes. The women’s designer shoes are made from high-quality materials, whether it is the sole of the shoe or the outward appearance. Many women think that designer shoes only means flashy and glamorous shoes to be worn in parties, but the truth is there are many causal designer shoes offered to women too. The designer shoes for women come in a wide assortment of style, fittings, and colors from classic flat to lightweight heel. The sizes of the shoes range from 3 to 9, and wider fittings are also available. The women wishing to buy extravagant shoes can even browse and buy shoes from online designer stores. The online shopping helps the women to search the type of shoes they want to buy just by sitting in the home rather than visiting several shoe stores. The designer shoes give women extra confidence in their step and make them look sophisticated and elegant.

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